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Loudoun.Cricket 2017 Season - LCCL Update

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Welcome to 2017 LCCL Cricket Season

2017 LCCL Season
We are excited to share few updates about this season, due to overwhelming response from cricket fans in and around Loudoun we were booked with 48 teams in 2016 and we expect it to be same in 2017.

PRCS staff and LCCL Committee have worked together to determine the rules and regulations for joining Loudun County league, we volunteer to ensure our league has smooth operations and have collective fun playing cricket.

Our league size for 2017 will be 48 qualified teams, what does qualified mean? If your team played in 2016 Fall season and have qualified with the below process, you will be considered to play in LCCL league.
Qualification process
a) You have to register with PRCS when the registration opens in Feb 2017
b) Your team has to qualify (no 2-4 penalty points per season)
c) If your team is bottom 2 in overall stats from Div 2 East and Div 2 West then your team will be out
d)  4 new teams will join every season from the pool of "waiting list", to get into waiting list you have to contact Terry Ellis at PRCS. This will be lottery system to choose 4 new teams from waiting list and PRCS will handle this process and notify the Committee.

LCCL GroundsGrounds & Facilities:
We haev some good news for you all, this year we have 4 full cricket grounds, 2 cricket grounds at Bolen park with flood lights, we will continue to use this facility, 1 MGP full ground and 1 additional full ground in Sterling High school (details are being worked out), we are trying to move away from baseball grounds and thanks to PRCS for working on this.

We are going digital, starting from 2017 Spring season we will require every team, every game to do mobile real time/live scoring, no paper work. Scoring rules will be sent to Captains shortly.

If due to technical difficulty (connectivity or website was down etc) we will allow manual scoring as long as 4 way score matches and results are uploaded within 24 hrs of the game else penalty applies for manual score not being submitted within 24 hrs of the game.

LCCL Rule Changes
In order to make this huge league function smoothly we are making few changes to LCCL rulebook and that will be communicated to all captains during captains meeting, here is quick overview of it.
a) Live scoring is mandatory
b) Game times and time management to complete the game
c) Roster locked out before season starts
d) Player Photo and ID is mandatory
e) Awards distribution only to championship winner and runner's up

We are looking forward for sponsorship programs for yr 2017, we have spots open for Diamond, Gold and Silver programs, if you know any business wanting to participate please have them email to LCCL Committee for more information.

LCCL Committee is volunteer based committee and we need new volunteers every year, if your a good candidate who understands Cricket, who values volunteering and who can spend few hrs a month then please steup up, we need you.
Thank you for playing LCCL Cricket and please stay tuned for more information from the league via email. If you have any question or calrification then use the below contact information.

Thank you
- LCCL Committee  & PRCS

Contact Info
PRCS Contact LCCL Committee Contact
Terry Ellis
Adult Sports Specialist
Loudoun County
Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services
20145 Ashbrook Place, Suite 170, Ashburn,  VA  20147
Office: (703)737-8940
Fax: (703)771-5354
LCCL Committee Volunteers      
Email: LCCL Committee

Website: www.Loudoun.Cricket

Volunteers: Kiran, Harsha, Rohan, Guru and Achin.

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Lccl Admin:  Update from Terry Ellis: For this Spring 2017 season registration is due before Friday, March 3, 2017. The fee for the league this year is $625 per team, which is due at the time of registration. All league games will start on the weekend of April 1st and 2nd. If you finished higher than the bottom two of your division this past fall you will be given a spot in the league as long as all paperwork and registration fees have been paid before March 3rd. If you finished as one of the bottom two teams in your division you can still register for the league, but you will be placed in pool of teams that will have a blind drawing for the two open slots in the league. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.