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MGP Baseball Field Update 2017 Spring

Lccl Admin (lccladmin)

We are excited to announce MGP baseball field being upgraded to full pitch just like Bolen fields, this is make-shift field still played in the premise of the baseball field. With several weekends being washed out due to rain PRCS has stepped up their game and quickly arranged for this full pitch at MGP BB field due to several complaints and suggestions from teams and Committee. 

PRCS along with Committee members were at the ground today finalizing the full pitch for this weekend game and below few important details.

1. All games scheduled on MGP BB field will remain the same. We are playing on pitch with full ground no baseball field restrictions 
2. The outer fence will be more than 5 ft from the boundary line, except few places it could be 2-3 ft closer but it's fully playable ground
3. We will be playing most of our games from South to North, bowlers will be running from baseball field end as indicated in the picture below, only during wet outfields teams can decide to reverse the pitch and bowl from the far end.
4. The pitch will be marked with measurements by Friday evening and it shld be ready for play over the weekend. (No more laying the mat and rolling etc yayyy )
5. This pitch will not be perfect for first few games and we seek your suggestions/feedback and send it ONLY via email to Committee and Cc Terry, no social media post encouraged (Whatsapp or FB) It has to be email 
6. Finally, let's appreciate what PRCS has done to make our league games interesting and we are thankful to PRCS/Terry and team for taking immediate actions to get our games going with full pitch
7. PRCS will try to cut the grass if possible by Friday, if not it will be scheduled for next week.
8. All games will continue as per schedule for Spring 2017 and for fall 2017 we might go with same fields unless further updates from PRCS.
9. This field has flood lights there could be possibility to use and we will leave that decision to Terry & Staff
10 . Both these fields are open to the public to play if they are open status and doesn't have any scheduled games, so you can make use of these fields for practice too.

LCCL Committee will continue to work with PRCS to allocate dedicated grounds in near future and we will keep our efforts going and engage at all levels.

MGP BB field
Have a grt fun weekend.

LCCL Committee

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