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Fall Season 2017 Updates

Lccl Admin (lccladmin)

Hello LCCL Players,

We are nearing to end of Fall season and it has been our pleasure to serve as volunteers for 2017. With help of our sponsors we are hapy to do awards ceremony for Fall season.

It is tournament time and we will be starting this weekend!!!  Stay tuned for Semi, Finals and Championship games.

Congratulations to the following teams that won their League Divisions:
Divisional League Champions
STORMERS -D1 East League Champions
FAFDA 11 – D1 West League Champions
LOUDOUN TIGERS – D2 West Champions
EAGLES – D2 East Champions

   Divison I

  • Div I Best All-rounder - 1369 Points Elango Asokhan (Giants Blue)

  • Div I Runner-up All-rounder - 1119 Points Srinivas Simhadri (Iron men)

  • Div I Best Batsman - 225 runs Suman Sampath (Spartans)

  • Div I Runner-up Batsman - 219 runs Srinivas Simhadri (Iron men)

  • Div I Best Bowler - 18 Wickets Venu Kumar Reddy (Mavericks)

  • Div I Runner-up Bowler - 17 Wickets Rajesh Chowdary (Mavericks)

    Dvision II

  • Div II Best All-rounder - 1268 Points Brijesh Ashokkumar (Nova Strikers) 

  • Div II Runner-up All-rounder - 1167 Points Ram Gautham Krishna (Loudoun Tigers)

  • Div II Best Batsman - 216 Runs Brijesh Ashokkumar (Nova Strikers) 

  • Div II Runner-up Batsman - 213 Runs Bohr Brar (Loudoun Tigers)

  • Div II Best Bowler - 21 Wickets Abdul Hafeez Mohammed (Rangers)

  • Div II Runner-up Bowler - 18 Wickets  Gopi Chinthalapalli (Beamers)

Also checkout our sponsors and their offerings.
Zone - 10% off on all food at their location
Vision Montessori - Has special offers for their montessori school, check with them over phone
Apple Applicances
Asian Fusion
Rupali Jain Realtor and
New York Life Insurance Agent

- LCCL Committee

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