Article - Registration to New LCCL Website - FAQ
Registration to New LCCL Website - FAQ
Lccl Admin (lccladmin)

Registration Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Welcome to LCCL new website, we are excited to introduce this new website please take few minutes to read few questions and answers on how to use this new website. We encourage you spend few minutes in understanding and claiming your player profile.

LCCL Committee will not answer all your questions on time, so to make it easy we have prepared this FAQ's to help you register and set sail.

  1. How to register and claim Player Profile?

  2. How to Login and use the website 

  3. Who can access the website? And What information is visible to public and logged in users?

  4. How to report an issue to Website admin?

1. How to register and Claim Player Profile?

Step 1: Visit our website or
Step 2: Click on Players menu and click "Player Search" menu option 
Step 3: Search for your first name, last name and team name, if no results please search just your first name, there could be typo of your name and it may not show your the results. Once you find your name click on it.
Search Player

Step 4: Upon clicking the player you will visit new page where you should see on top right corner "Is this you?" "Claim this profile" click on the link to claim it as yours
Claim Your Profile

Step 5: It will ask your email ID and click submit which will send administrator of this website (LCCL Committee) to approve
For Approval

Step 6: LCCL Committee members will approve the player based on team, player authenticated 
Step 7: Once approved it will send you an email which you provided with new password information.Please login with your email id and password and also change the default password.
Step 8: Your registration process is completed.

2. How to login and use the website?

When you visit our website you will have an option to login to see player information, team information and league information. Please look for "Login" button on blue bar in the navigation menu.

3. Who can access the website? And What information is visible to public and logged in users?

Public: They can see only league information and generic information such as About us, grounds, articles and news
Logged In User: Any player registered with team can see League playing information, scoresheet, player information and also be able to upload their own picture

4. How to report an issue to Website admin?

You can report any issues by clicking on the menu navigation "League" menu and click on Contact option, on this page please fill in details and click submit and one of our volunteers will review and take it fwd.


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