Match Results
Series: EPIC Cricket League 2019 Team: All Teams

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
34 Final 09/14/2019 Mason Chargers Cinci Lions Cinci Lions won by 5 Wkt(s) Mason Chargers: 29/7(7.0)
Cinci Lions: 32/2(3.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
33 Semi Final 09/14/2019 Sam A7 Begins Cinci Lions Cinci Lions won by 5 Wkt(s) Sam A7 Begins: 52/5(7.0)
Cinci Lions: 55/2(5.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
32 Semi Final 09/14/2019 Mason Chargers Dayton Crushers Mason Chargers won by 9 Run(s) Mason Chargers: 67/2(7.0)
Dayton Crushers: 58/3(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
31 Quarter Final 09/14/2019 Dayton Crushers 8 Cric Souls Dayton Crushers won by 48 Run(s) Dayton Crushers: 76/3(7.0)
8 Cric Souls: 28/7(5.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
30 Quarter Final 09/14/2019 Dayton Devils Sam A7 Begins Sam A7 Begins won by 5 Wkt(s) Dayton Devils: 33/7(6.4)
Sam A7 Begins: 34/2(3.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
29 Quarter Final 09/14/2019 Cinci Lions Mcc Cinci Lions won by 33 Run(s) Cinci Lions: 84/7(7.0)
Mcc: 51/4(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
28 Quarter Final 09/14/2019 Mason Chargers Super Kings Mason Chargers won by 4 Run(s) Mason Chargers: 50/3(7.0)
Super Kings: 46/4(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
27 League 09/14/2019 Super Kings Sam A7 Rises Super Kings won by 15 Run(s) Super Kings: 43/3(7.0)
Sam A7 Rises: 28/7(6.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
26 League 09/14/2019 Bcc Phoenix Angrez Angrez won by 4 Wkt(s) Bcc Phoenix: 48/5(7.0)
Angrez: 51/3(4.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
25 League 09/14/2019 Sam A7 Begins Cinci Lions Sam A7 Begins won by 18 Run(s) Sam A7 Begins: 93/1(7.0)
Cinci Lions: 75/6(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
24 League 09/14/2019 Inferno Strikers Of 42 Samaj Of 42 Samaj won by 4 Wkt(s) Inferno Strikers: 51/6(7.0)
Of 42 Samaj: 52/3(5.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
23 League 09/14/2019 Dayton Crushers Florence Flyers Dayton Crushers won by 38 Run(s) Dayton Crushers: 82/2(7.0)
Florence Flyers: 44/4(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
22 League 09/14/2019 8 Cric Souls Royal Challengers Royal Challengers won by 2 Wkt(s) 8 Cric Souls: 37/7(6.5)
Royal Challengers: 38/5(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
21 League 09/14/2019 Cinci Indians Dayton Devils Dayton Devils won by 3 Wkt(s) Cinci Indians: 36/5(7.0)
Dayton Devils: 37/4(4.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
20 League 09/14/2019 Mcc Bengal Tigers Mcc won by 67 Run(s) Mcc: 97/5(7.0)
Bengal Tigers: 30/6(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
19 League 09/14/2019 Mason Chargers Inferno Strikers Mason Chargers won by 22 Run(s) Mason Chargers: 60/6(7.0)
Inferno Strikers: 38/5(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
18 League 09/14/2019 Angrez Sam A7 Begins Sam A7 Begins won by 4 Wkt(s) Angrez: 36/7(6.5)
Sam A7 Begins: 39/3(4.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
17 League 09/14/2019 Madan Bros Dayton Crushers Dayton Crushers won by 6 Wkt(s) Madan Bros: 32/6(7.0)
Dayton Crushers: 34/1(4.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
16 League 09/14/2019 Super Kings 8 Cric Souls 8 Cric Souls won by 6 Wkt(s) Super Kings: 45/7(7.0)
8 Cric Souls: 46/1(5.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
15 League 09/14/2019 Florence Flyers Of 42 Samaj Of 42 Samaj won by 6 Wkt(s) Florence Flyers: 46/6(7.0)
Of 42 Samaj: 49/1(5.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
14 League 09/14/2019 Dayton Crushers Inferno Strikers Dayton Crushers won by 31 Run(s) Dayton Crushers: 73/7(7.0)
Inferno Strikers: 42/6(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
13 League 09/14/2019 Mcc Cinci Lions Cinci Lions won by 6 Wkt(s) Mcc: 37/7(6.0)
Cinci Lions: 38/1(3.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
12 League 09/14/2019 Bcc Phoenix Bengal Tigers Bengal Tigers won by 5 Wkt(s) Bcc Phoenix: 36/7(5.4)
Bengal Tigers: 38/2(5.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
11 League 09/14/2019 Super Kings Cinci Indians Super Kings won by 19 Run(s) Super Kings: 60/6(7.0)
Cinci Indians: 41/6(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
10 League 09/14/2019 Dayton Devils Sam A7 Rises Dayton Devils won by 5 Run(s) Dayton Devils: 53/7(7.0)
Sam A7 Rises: 48/5(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
9 League 09/14/2019 Mason Chargers Florence Flyers Mason Chargers won by 4 Run(s) Mason Chargers: 40/2(7.0)
Florence Flyers: 36/5(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
8 League 09/14/2019 Madan Bros Of 42 Samaj Madan Bros won by 11 Run(s) Madan Bros: 62/4(7.0)
Of 42 Samaj: 51/4(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
7 League 09/14/2019 Dayton Devils 8 Cric Souls 8 Cric Souls won by 5 Wkt(s) Dayton Devils: 57/3(7.0)
8 Cric Souls: 58/2(6.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
6 League 09/14/2019 Royal Challengers Sam A7 Rises Sam A7 Rises won by 7 Wkt(s) Royal Challengers: 44/7(7.0)
Sam A7 Rises: 50/0(3.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 09/14/2019 Bcc Phoenix Cinci Lions Cinci Lions won by 1 Wkt(s) Bcc Phoenix: 52/5(7.0)
Cinci Lions: 53/6(6.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 09/14/2019 Mcc Angrez Mcc won by 10 Run(s) Mcc: 68/3(7.0)
Angrez: 58/4(7.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 09/14/2019 Madan Bros Mason Chargers Mason Chargers won by 4 Wkt(s) Madan Bros: 43/4(7.0)
Mason Chargers: 46/3(5.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
2 League 09/14/2019 Bengal Tigers Sam A7 Begins Sam A7 Begins won by 7 Wkt(s) Bengal Tigers: 33/6(7.0)
Sam A7 Begins: 34/0(2.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 09/14/2019 Cinci Indians Royal Challengers Royal Challengers won by 4 Wkt(s) Cinci Indians: 39/5(7.2)
Royal Challengers: 40/3(5.2)Ball By Ball Coverage