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Update to below: Captins will receive an update this coming Monday in regards to 2020 H2.  

Last night, the Frisco City Council extended its emergency declaration until April 30.  With this in mind, all remaining Spring 2020 H1 games have been cancelled.  Team captains will receive a communication soon with further information regarding their reimburserdment options for their league fees.  This will include an option to transfer league registration fees to the 2020 H2 which at this time is still scheduled to begin in July.  

We hope each of you are staying safe and well at this time and look foward to seeing your teams back on the pitch soon!


All league play is currently suspended through April 8.  See update below:




(March 20, 2020) The Frisco City Council approved an ordinance to extend an emergency declaration by Mayor Jeff Cheney through April 8. 

The ordinance further defines ‘social gathering’ of more than ten people and includes:  

  • Auditoriums, theaters, stadiums, arenas or event centers; 
  • Gyms, meeting halls, conference centers.  

A ‘social gathering’ does not include people who are (generally) not within six feet of one another for extended periods:  

  • Transit, or waiting for transit; 
  • Office spaces or residential buildings; 
  • Grocery stores, shopping malls or other retail establishments (other than bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms and massage parlors)
  • Gas stations, parks and banks; 
  • Government buildings providing essential services; 
  • Hospitals and medical facilities. 

The ordinance approved tonight also prohibits hoarding.  It also encourages all public, private and commercial labs to report the number of COVID-19 tests conducted daily to the City of Frisco.  

The ordinance provides enforcement, more specifically stating any violation is a misdemeanor.  

For the latest updates please visit 

2020-03-16: City of Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney today declared a local state of disaster for public health emergency.  Extraordinary changes are required in city operations to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 within our community.
The attached press release provides additional details. 
Should you have any questions, please contact your department liaison, Shannon Coates, or Rick Wieland.  Thank you.


(March 16, 2020) City of Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney today declared a local state of disaster for public health emergency. Extraordinary changes are required in city operations to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 within our community.
The following changes will go into effect at the end of business today (5:00 P.M.):
  • The City of Frisco’s Emergency Operations Center will operate during normal business hours.   
  • The Frisco Athletic Center (FAC), 5828 Nancy Jane Lane, will be closed through March 27, at which time the closure will be reassessed.
  • The Grove at Frisco Commons, 8300 McKinney Road, will be closed through April 13 at which time the closure will be reassessed.  The facility’s meal program will continue for members in need.  Online classes and programs will be offered, as well. 
  • City Parks and Recreation facilities, including ball fields, will be closed through March 27th at which time the closure will be reassessed.  Parks and trails will remain open. 
  • All city-run sports leagues, including youth organizations, will be suspended through March 27th for practice and play at which time the closure will be reassessed.
  • All city-sponsored special events will be suspended through March 27 at which time the closure will be reassessed.  
  • The Frisco Public Library will be closed through March 27th at which time the closure will be reassessed.  The library’s drive-thru pick up will remain open.  Online services will continue, as well. 
  • All City Board and Commission meetings, with the exception of the Frisco City Council, Planning and Zoning, the Frisco Economic and Community Development Corporation boards and any other meeting required by law, will be postponed until May.
  • The Frisco Municipal Court will remain open to the public during normal business hours at this time.  All dockets are proceeding as scheduled; however, if you’re feeling ill or concerned about exposure, you may reschedule your court date by coming to the court in person by April 10, 2020. You may also use our e-court options at, postal service or our 24-hour dropbox.
Collin County, along with our neighboring Cities of Allen, McKinney and Plano are expected to make similar public health emergency declarations today. 
“Emergency declarations at the national, state and county levels are unprecedented, and Frisco is doing our part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. But we can’t do this alone,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney.
“Because this health crisis is dynamic, changing daily, our plans will likely evolve, too, so we need your help.  For some, tensions and anxiety may be high.  So please practice calm and kindness during this extraordinary time and we will get through this together.  In the meantime, our first responders and other city staff will be working around the clock to help ensure the health, safety and welfare of our community.”

2020-03-13: All fields are closed for matches this weekend (3/13-3/15) due to the wet field conditions.  

2020-02-21: Schedules and umpire duties for the first 2 rounds of the round robin have been posted.  Remainder of the schedule will be published by the first game 2/28.
Division I will umpire Division II and vice versa
Division III will umpire Division IV and vice versa
Please make sure to check your corresponding division for umpire duties
 Welcome to 2020!

2020-02-16: Update: Updated By-Laws now available in downloads sections. Schedule still being modified. Release will be made soon to give at least 7 day notice for first games.  

We are excited to get 2020 underway!  Full release of schedules, by laws, and other league info will be released by Wednesday evening, February 19. Play will begin  February 28.  We appreciate everyone's patience, and look forward to an exciting year.   


2019-11-20: Both finals have been moved to Sunday.  New times are posted as follows:

Morning Final - 10:00 AM, Sunday, November 24, Northeast 1
Night Final - 5:00 PM. Sunday, November 24, Northeast 1

As of now original game times still stand.  

2019-11-08: All matches are on this evening, 11/8/19.

2019-11-05: Tonight's matches, 11/5, have been canclled due to wet field conditions.  

2019-10-29: 10-29-19 - All fields are closed for games and practices due to the wet field conditions.  

2019-10-26: Games are on as scheduled tonight. Sunday morning matches on as scheduled as well.

2019-10-25: Fied Status Update 10/25/19 3:00 PM
Night Tournament - Friday, 10/25 matches are cancelled.  A seperate update will be made tomorrow afternoon regarding the status of the night matches.
Morning Tournament - Saturday, 10/26 matches are cancelled.  An update regarding Sunday, 10/27 matches will be made tomorrow afternoon.
Rescheduling possibilities for cancelled matches will be examined early next week.


2019-10-19: For night tournament matches on Saturday, October 19, and Sunday, October 20, we will be using pink match balls. This is primarily being done to gain feedback before playoffs for possible use in 2020 tournaments.

2019-10-18: Fall 2019 Morning Tournament matches scheduled for 7:30 AM have been bumped to 8:00 AM for the remainder of the tournament to account for later sunrises.  

2019-10-11: Field Status 10/11/19 - Matches are on as scheduled for this evening


2019-08-19: Cricket pitches at Northeast Community Park will not be available for rent this week due to maintenance on the pitches.  Independence Practice Site will still have availability.  This is the final week for the year that all cricket pitches will be made available due to already scheduled use in the fall.  

2019-08-05: Morning Tournament - All matches rained out this weekend have been rescheduled for the weekend of 8/23 & 8.24.  Schedule is updated.

2019-08-05: Saturday, August 10 - Evening Matches Only - Players are requested to park in the east parking lot of Northeast Community Park for their matches.  This is the parking lot that is accessed from Panther Creek Pkwy rather than Honey Grove Dr.  A special event will be taking place at the skate park that evening, and the west parking lot will be needed for event attendees.  Thank you for your assistance in advance!

2019-08-04: 8.4.19 - Tonights matches have been cancelled. Northeast has experienced additional rain this afternoon and more is expected in next hour. Captains will be contacted regarding rescheduling options.

2019-08-04: 8.4.19 - 6:30 AM - Sunday morning matches have been cancelled due to the early morning storms. A separate call will be made later today regarding evening matches.

2019-08-03: 8.3.19 - 3:45 PM - Matches are on for this evening.

2019-08-03: 8.3.19 - 6:35 AM - All matches this morning are washed out and will be rescheduled. We will make a call regarding evening matches later today.

2019-07-02: Updated By-Laws for City of Frisco Cricket has been uploaded in the documents section.  Main edits since spring include changes in official ball, safety equipment requirements, and explanation of tie-brakers in points table for playoff selection.  

2019-06-30: 6.30.19 - 6:26 AM - Update on field conditions for this morning's matches - Games at Independence have been postponed due to the wet conditions.  Games at Northeast 1 & 2 are still on as scheduled.  

2019-06-16: 6.16.19 8:08 AM - Due to the overnight rain, all game fields in Frisco are closed for games and practices. Tonights matches are cancelled and will be rescheduled.

2019-06-09: 6/9 3:15 PM -  Tonights match has been cancelled.  We will update team captains more by Monday, 6/10 in regards to procedures regarding this match.  

1:30 PM - We are aware of the severe weather in Frisco currently. We will evaluate field conditions as soon as possible and update the status of tonights chanpionship match.

2019-05-12: Due to the heavy rainfall yesterday, all fields in Frisco are closed for games, and tonights championship match is postponed. Match will be rescheduled for Saturday, June 1.

2019-04-30: 6:00 PM - After monitoring storm, in the interest of player safety, we have decided to cancel this evenings matches (4/30).

4:00 PM - As of now, all make-up matches tonight (4/30) are on as scheduled.  We will continue to monitor weather conditions and may possibly cancel matches later on in the evening.

2019-04-14: 9:15 AM - All matches are cancelled for Sunday, April 14 due to wr field conditions.

2019-04-13: 9:45 AM - All matches are cancelled on Saturday, April 13 due to the wet field conditions.

2019-04-07: 4.7.19 1:20 PM - Sunday matches are on this evening.

2019-04-06: 4.9.19 - 10:30 AM - All matches cancelled tonight due to the wet field conditions. We will provide an update regarding Sunday''s matches tomorrow.

2019-03-30: All games are on as scheduled for Saturday, 3/30.

2019-03-23: 3/23 - Tonights matches have been cancelled due to wet field conditions and storms forecasted during match time.

2019-03-10: 3/10/2019 -  Fields are open, and matches are on as scheduled this evening.  

2019-03-09: 3/9/19 - 10:45 AM - Games tonight have been cancelled due to the wet field conditions.  At the time of this annoucement there was still standing water in spots on the playing field from the rain early this morning.  Games will be rescheduled and posted to this site early next week.  A call will be made regarding Sunday's games late tomorrow morning.  

2019-03-03: Sunday March 3 cricket matches have been cancelled due to wet field conditions. Rained out matches will be rescheduled and posted to website soon.

2019-03-02: Saturday, March 2 matches have been cancelled due to current wet field conditions and expected rain during match play. We will provide an update regarding Sunday matches by 10:00 AM Sunday.

2019-03-01: Field Status for 3/1 – 3/3
  • Friday, March 1 – All matches are on for the evening
  • Saturday March 2 – All matches are currently on for the evening.  The arrival of the cold front and storms seems to continue to be pushed backwards.  Look for a call early to mid afternoon regarding the status of gameplay for the evening.
  • Sunday March 3 – We’re aware that temperatures may fall to record lows and rain is predicted.  We will provide updates at the latest by 10:00 AM on Sunday regarding the evening games.
While it is hard to wait for official calls on field conditions, we want to play the matches if at all possible.  We’ll continue to update everyone throughout the weekend.  Look for updates to come as a news item on CricClubs, rain-out hotline (972-292-6666) or Facebook  and Twitter updates (@playfrisco). 

2019-02-24: All matches for Sunday, February 24 are on as scheduled.

2019-02-22: Here is your latest field status information for this weekend:
Friday, February 22 & Saturday February 23 – All matches have been cancelled due to the current field conditions and the additional rain we will be receiving over night.
Sunday, February 24 – Matches at this time are still on as scheduled.   With weather moving out Saturday morning we are optimistic that fields will be in playable condition Sunday evening.  We will make another update Sunday by mid-morning to update field status for the evening.

2019-02-22: Games scheduled for Friday 2/22 have been cancelled due to the wet field conditions.  We will update the playing teams and teams assigned umpire duty when games have been rescheduled.  Calls on Saturday 2/23 and Sunday 2/24 matches will be made later in the weekend.