Match Results
Series: FDE Cricket Tournament 2018 Team: All Teams

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
10 Eliminator 04/06/2018 Blasters Panthers Blasters won by 46 Run(s) Blasters: 103/10(16.3)
Panthers: 57/10(12.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
9 League 04/06/2018 The Red Death Finance Knight Riders The Red Death won by 16 Run(s) The Red Death: 128/9(20.0)
Finance Knight Riders: 112/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
8 Semi Final 03/30/2018 Panthers Finance Knight Riders Finance Knight Riders won by 7 Wkt(s) Panthers: 80/10(19.1)
Finance Knight Riders: 81/3(14.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
7 Semi Final 03/30/2018 Blasters The Red Death The Red Death won by 3 Wkt(s) Blasters: 83/8(20.0)
The Red Death: 84/7(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
6 League 03/23/2018 Finance Knight Riders Igniters Finance Knight Riders won by 9 Run(s) Finance Knight Riders: 81/10(14.2)
Igniters: 72/9(14.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 03/23/2018 Sunrisers The Red Death The Red Death won by 7 Wkt(s) Sunrisers: 103/7(15.0)
The Red Death: 104/3(13.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 03/23/2018 Blasters Finance Knight Riders Blasters won by 39 Run(s) Blasters: 150/3(15.0)
Finance Knight Riders: 111/10(13.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 03/09/2018 Panthers Sunrisers Panthers won by 29 Run(s) Panthers: 129/5(13.0)
Sunrisers: 100/4(13.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
2 League 03/09/2018 Igniters Blasters Blasters won by 7 Wkt(s) Igniters: 95/6(15.0)
Blasters: 100/3(13.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 03/09/2018 The Red Death Panthers Panthers won by 8 Wkt(s) The Red Death: 100/8(15.0)
Panthers: 101/2(14.2)Ball By Ball Coverage