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2017-05-02: Day 2 of the Infosys Cricket League was filled with some awesome performances and action packed games.
After beating the Panthers comfortably in their first game of the day Titans survived a scare from Thunder to win by 2 runs and ended their league campaign undefeated.
Earlier in the day Thunder sent one of the best bowling teams in the league to the gutters by defeating Baahubalis under 11 overs.
While the Titans are the only team to have qualified for the Semis so far, all the other 5 teams still have a chance to qualify for the semis.

The man of the match honours on the second day went to Ajay Vasudevan, Omkar Muranjan and Arvind Raina and the emerging players of the day were Kuwar Sahani, Ashutosh Pandey and Akshay Ravindran.

2017-04-29: Awesome First Day at Infosys Cricket League

While Titans won their only match, both Kaboom and Scorpions won 1 of their 2 matches.
Krishna Teja Surasani, Paritosh Pandey and Srinivasan DS were man of the matches
Emerging player awards went to Srinivasan DS, Ranjith Reddy and Nilesh Vinzenekar.