Match Results
Series: MCC 2021 Summer Leather Ball Season Team: All Teams

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
36 League 07/25/2021 Invaders Spartans Spartans won by 8 Wkt(s) Invaders: 182/6(25.0)
Spartans: 184/2(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
35 League 07/25/2021 Indie Blues MadPack Indie Blues won by 48 Run(s) Indie Blues: 221/6(25.0)
MadPack: 173/10(22.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
34 League 07/24/2021 V Badgers Dus Dabbang and I V Badgers won by 280 Run(s) V Badgers: 364/4(25.0)
Dus Dabbang and I: 84/8(19.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
33 League 07/24/2021 Men In Blue Sunrisers Men In Blue won by 88 Run(s) Men In Blue: 186/10(24.2)
Sunrisers: 98/10(24.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
32 League 07/18/2021 Invaders Men In Blue Men In Blue won by 7 Wkt(s) Invaders: 132/6(25.0)
Men In Blue: 136/3(14.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
31 League 07/18/2021 Sunrisers Spartans Spartans won by 8 Wkt(s) Sunrisers: 125/10(25.0)
Spartans: 129/2(13.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
30 League 07/17/2021 Indie Blues V Badgers Indie Blues won by 9 Run(s) Indie Blues: 148/9(25.0)
V Badgers: 139/10(24.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
29 League 07/17/2021 MadPack Dus Dabbang and I Dus Dabbang and I won by 2 Wkt(s) MadPack: 144/10(24.1)
Dus Dabbang and I: 145/8(24.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
28 League 07/11/2021 Indie Blues Men In Blue Indie Blues won by 13 Run(s) Indie Blues: 214/7(25.0)
Men In Blue: 201/10(24.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
27 League 07/11/2021 Invaders MadPack Invaders won by 7 Run(s) Invaders: 149/10(24.4)
MadPack: 142/9(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
26 League 07/10/2021 Spartans Dus Dabbang and I Dus Dabbang and I won by 6 Wkt(s) Spartans: 97/10(19.3)
Dus Dabbang and I: 99/4(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
25 League 07/10/2021 V Badgers Sunrisers V Badgers won by 84 Run(s) V Badgers: 202/6(25.0)
Sunrisers: 118/9(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
24 League 06/27/2021 Spartans Indie Blues Spartans won by 3 Run(s) Spartans: 176/10(23.1)
Indie Blues: 173/9(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
23 League 06/27/2021 V Badgers Invaders V Badgers won by 62 Run(s) V Badgers: 205/7(25.0)
Invaders: 143/9(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
22 League 06/26/2021 Dus Dabbang and I Men In Blue Abandoned. Dus Dabbang and I: 0/0(0.0)
21 League 06/26/2021 MadPack Sunrisers Abandoned. MadPack: 32/1(5.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
20 League 06/20/2021 Dus Dabbang and I Invaders Dus Dabbang and I won by 133 Run(s) Dus Dabbang and I: 133/5(17.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
19 League 06/20/2021 Men In Blue V Badgers V Badgers won by 2 Wkt(s) Men In Blue: 166/6(25.0)
V Badgers: 167/8(23.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
18 League 06/19/2021 Sunrisers Indie Blues Indie Blues won by 7 Wkt(s) Sunrisers: 132/8(25.0)
Indie Blues: 133/3(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
17 League 06/19/2021 Spartans MadPack Spartans won by 29 Run(s) Spartans: 191/7(25.0)
MadPack: 162/10(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
16 League 06/13/2021 V Badgers Spartans Spartans won by 9 Wkt(s) V Badgers: 119/10(20.2)
Spartans: 120/1(9.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
15 League 06/13/2021 Dus Dabbang and I Sunrisers Dus Dabbang and I won by 7 Run(s) Dus Dabbang and I: 178/10(24.5)
Sunrisers: 171/4(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
14 League 06/12/2021 MadPack Men In Blue Men In Blue won by 9 Wkt(s) MadPack: 130/10(23.3)
Men In Blue: 131/1(13.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
13 League 06/12/2021 Indie Blues Invaders Indie Blues won by 50 Run(s) Indie Blues: 213/5(25.0)
Invaders: 163/10(24.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
12 League 06/06/2021 Sunrisers Invaders Invaders won by 1 Wkt(s) Sunrisers: 171/8(25.0)
Invaders: 172/9(24.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
11 League 06/06/2021 Indie Blues Dus Dabbang and I Indie Blues won by 41 Run(s) Indie Blues: 195/5(25.0)
Dus Dabbang and I: 154/10(22.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
10 League 06/05/2021 Spartans Men In Blue Spartans won by 38 Run(s) Spartans: 191/5(25.0)
Men In Blue: 153/8(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
9 League 06/05/2021 V Badgers MadPack V Badgers won by 87 Run(s) V Badgers: 202/5(25.0)
MadPack: 115/10(21.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
8 League 05/23/2021 Men In Blue MadPack MadPack won by 4 Wkt(s) Men In Blue: 196/6(25.0)
MadPack: 197/6(24.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
7 League 05/23/2021 Dus Dabbang and I Invaders Dus Dabbang and I won by 32 Run(s) Dus Dabbang and I: 162/6(20.0)
Invaders: 130/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
6 League 05/22/2021 Spartans V Badgers V Badgers won by 4 Wkt(s) Spartans: 143/10(22.4)
V Badgers: 144/6(22.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 05/22/2021 Indie Blues Sunrisers Indie Blues won by 69 Run(s) Indie Blues: 171/3(25.0)
Sunrisers: 102/10(22.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 05/16/2021 Invaders Sunrisers Invaders won by 13 Run(s) Invaders: 144/9(25.0)
Sunrisers: 131/10(25.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 05/16/2021 V Badgers Men In Blue V Badgers won by 102 Run(s) V Badgers: 203/5(25.0)
Men In Blue: 101/9(22.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
2 League 05/15/2021 Dus Dabbang and I Indie Blues Indie Blues won by 5 Wkt(s) Dus Dabbang and I: 118/7(20.0)
Indie Blues: 121/5(17.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 05/15/2021 Spartans MadPack Spartans won by 16 Run(s) Spartans: 145/6(20.0)
MadPack: 129/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage