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2018-10-23: Hello Everyone,
We will be starting our Winter T35 tournament from November Last week.  Please register your team by replying to this email, see details below
 NFCL is planning to conduct 35 over winter tournament which is expected to start from November  last weekend.
Format: 35 overs per innings 
Dress Code: We will be playing with Red balls. It’s mandatory to have the dress in white color and white cricket pads . Players without team dress will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.
NFCL Fee: Will be communicated soon.
Grounds: We have one ground available St. Mary's (GA). If non-Jax teams register we will have away games as well (based on schedule).
Team meeting Venue and other details will be communicated soon.
Please reply to this email to register your team for our summer tournament by Nov 5th, 6 PM.

Feel free to forward this email to your friends and other teams



NFCL Committee

2017-11-27: Hi Everyone

NFCL Committee welcome you guys to show interest in playing leather ball  T30 league. We  got 12 team this season . Names are Below :-

Mavericks Cricket Club
Royals Cricket Club
Jacksonville Cricket Family
Camden Blues Cricket Club
Jaguars Cricket Club
First-Coast Cricket Club
Falcons Cricket Club.
Georgia Eagles
Tallahassee CC 
Florida sunriser 
Gladiators CC
CR210 CC .

2017-11-22: REMINDER 2 DAYS LEFT

Hi All,
NFCL going to conduct winter league which is going to start from December till month of February . Please register your team by replying to this email before 24 Nov.
Format :-  30 overs
Dress :- Colored 
Ball :- White
We have few teams who also interested to play 35 over league and if you interested Please let us know by email.  

2017-11-15: Hi All,
NFCL going to conduct winter league which is going to start from December till month of February . Please register your team by replying to this email before 24 Nov.
Format :-  30 overs
Dress :- Colored 
Ball :- White
We have few teams who also interested to play 35 over league and if you interested Please let us know by email.  
NFCL Committee

2017-11-13: Teams,

Please join us in welcoming the new NFCL Executive Committee (EC) for the year 2017-18. We believe this EC will work towards fullfilling the responsibilities set and take NFCL to the next greater level. We look forward to your service to cricket in Jacksonville. 

President: Bhagwant Singh (Mavericks CC)
Vice-president Operations: Bharath Alam (Jaguars CC)
Vice-president Development:  Kamalraj Yuvaraj (First-coast CC)
Treasurer: Bharath Kantharaj (Mavericks CC)
Web Admin: Jaymin Patel (Georgia Eagles) 
Marketing And Events: Avinash Varadaraj (FCC Camden)
 Umpiring and Grounds coordinator: Fergus Reeve (First-coast CC)
Congratulations and good luck! 


NFCL Board

2016-12-02: NFCL Winter T30 2016 Starts this weekend (12/03 – 12/04)
NFCL winter T30 2016 tournament shall begin this weekend bringing lots of joy and excitement to all cricket hungry folks in North Florida.8 teams shall be battling out this time for NFCL winter T30 2016 tournament championship. Promote cricket, exhibit your talent, display sportsmanship on the field and most importantly have fun. Good luck to all the teams.

Here are the matches scheduled for this weekend
Week 1 Schedule
Match # Date/Time Home Team Away Team Umpire Ground
Match #001 12/03/2016 10:00 AM Royals CC Savannah CC Jacksonville CF St Marys
Match #002 12/03/2016 10:00 AM First-Coast CC Tallahassee CC Deerwood CC Victory Park
Match #003 12/04/2016 10:00 AM Jacksonville CF Blues CC First-Coast CC Victory Park


Hello Everyone,

Below are the teams registered for NFCL Summer T20-2016 Tournament.

  1. Blues Cricket Club

  2. Royals Cricket Club

  3. Jacksonville Cricket Family

  4. Chillers Cricket Club

  5. Savannah Cricket Club

  6. First-Coast Cricket Club

  7. Deerwood Cricket Club

Currently EC is working on rules and schedule.

More updates to follow...

NFCL Committee



NFCL Winter T30 Finals:


Venue: Victory Park ground - 3781 University Club Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32277
Date: 03/20/16 Sunday
Time: 10:30 am

We request all of you to come and witness the game and have fun at the ground. You could also track the game live in


2016-03-03: Nothing more exciting than this, when you cannot predict which teams makes into play offs. Deciding the first 3 teams into playoffs when the tournament gets into final weeks for league matches itself explains how competitive was this season. Each season this league is been pushed to next level of quality in playing this sport. Now to make this more interesting we have a deciding game this Saturday to confirm the last team which gets into Play offs. Both teams have an equal chance to confirm their birth for play offs. 
 Rainy Day Scenario:
If the match gets washed out, points has to be divided equally between the teams which does not have much impact to the top 3 positions but Chillers CC will make a comfortable IN as they bagged a Bonus point against DWCC.
 Match Drawn:
If the match is draw, points has to be divided equally between the teams which does not have much impact to the top 3 positions but Chillers CC will make a comfortable IN as they bagged a Bonus point against DWCC.
 CCC wins:
If CCC wins they will be taking 3rd position pushing JCF to 4thposition which might hurt JCF.
 FCC wins:
If FCC wins they will be taking 3rd position as well pushing JCF to 4th position.
 Bottom line JCF will be holding tight wishing for a Rainy day or Draw scenario.
 Form Guide:
Teams news
CCC: With recent form of winning 3 matches in a row will definitely boost their motive towards this game. Having solid bowling and batting line up one should say that this team can surprise any team in league making one sided.
FCC: Though they have lost last match it doesn’t affect them much because of their recent form winning 3 matches before the loss. Having a right combination of Experienced and Young players in team they can show a lot of variations in game which leads them towards the playoffs.
Pitch and Conditions:
Nothing much to say about the pitch as it is on mat, but however the it is going to be a sunny day in Jacksonville which makes the outfield really fast later on afternoon. Teams might think about this after winning the toss.
Written By 
Prem Reddy Kondam

2016-02-18: Playoff Scenarios:

1) Tallahassee CC

Current Position: 1 Points: 27 from 7 games Yet to play: None

Currently holding No 1 position, unless JCF or FCC decides to beat them. In spite of top performance they still have a chance to loose their top position.

2) Jacksonville CF

Current Position: 2 Points: 19 from 5 games Yet to play: CCC and MCC

JCF is eagerly spotting for number 1 position taking over TCC by winning next 2 games. However they will end up in top 3 list even if they loose next 2 games.

3) First-Coast CC

Current Position: 3 Points: 17 from 5 games Yet to play: MCC and CCC

FCC will have to really work hard by earning two bonus points to take over number one spot. They still have a comfortable chance to end up in 2nd or 3rd position unless they lose/washout both games.

4) Savannah CC

Current Position: 4 Points: 15 from 6 games Yet to play: MCC

Now here come all kinds of factors in play. SCC is on the line where they might or might not make through semis. They have to work hard for their must win game which leads them to semis comfortably. 

5) Chillers CC

Current Position: 5 Points: 10 from 4 games Yet to play: JCF, MCC and FCC

Chillers have to win at least 2 games out of their next 3 games to make semis. In addition to pre match preparations they need to start praying rain god as they can't afford another washout. 

6) Deerwood CC

Current Position: 6 Points: 8 from 5 games Yet to play: MCC and CCC

 DCC is a trump card for next round, however it is most unlikely for them to make it to next round but they can decide the fate of MCC and CCC if they decide to secure win for next both games.

7) Marianna CC

Current Position: 7 Points: 6 from 3 games Yet to play: DCC, SCC, FCC and JCF

 MCC just started their tournament. They really have wide-open options to get into playoff race. 

 These are the playoff scenarios; next 2 weekends will narrow down the chances of team getting into semis.

2015-12-23: Farman century flattens Chillers CC
Farman Mohmand unbeaten 105 helped TCC beat CCC by 8 wickets with 26 balls remaining. CCC won the toss and decided to bat started steady with a good knock by Malar and Bharath putting 86 runs on board. However they could not recover from middle order wobble posting 154 runs for TCC to chase. In reply TCC lost Ahsan Rehman for a duck in the fifth over to Murlidharan, but Farman eased the nerves with a blasting knock of 105(87 balls, 14x4 & 1x6). Hemandu and Ashutosh joined Farman to finish off the chase with 26 balls to spare.

2015-12-23: Ram 93 goes in vain as JCF win
JCF upset FCC by chasing the 188 runs with 6 balls remaining. FCC has an outstanding start where Ram kaunder scored 93(84 balls, 7x4 & 4x6) along with Kotesh who scored 32 (29 balls, 5x4). However their middle and lower order struggled to put runs on the board against JCF bowling attack. In reply JCF lost their opener for zero runs, though Adrian 70( 68 balls, 8x4 & 1x6) and Pinak 30 (40 balls, 3x4) took over the chase. JCF middle order has chipped in equally for a comfortable win against FCC sparing 6 balls and 5 wickets in hand.  Shabaka Mathlin has been given man of the match for this contribution of 16 runs with bat and 3 crucial wickets with ball. Overall it was a good game with high scores.

2015-12-23: Pritesh and Harry steer SCC to win
DWCC has started their campaign with another loss. It was bad day for DWCC who have bizarrely lost their openers and middle order. The DWCC could only muster 10 for 145, which the SCC reeled in with 7 wickets in hand and 21 balls to spare. DWCC had a good start until Shekhar got run out in 7th over, Srikar, Abhishek and Nazy batted well contributing 76 runs to put on 145 runs on board. DWCC replied back with good bowling attack, however they lost an opportunity of easy run out in second over of Vikas who later on scored 29 runs putting SCC in strong position followed by Pritesh, Utpal and Harry who consistently scored runs for an easy win.

2015-12-15: Senthil and Ashutosh blitz guides TCC to Top position
A spectacular innings from Senthil, Shah and Ashutosh took TCC to the top position after a four-wicket win against DWCC in Tallahassee. Senthil scored 35*(31) with two fours and one six and Ashutosh scored 27*(16) with one four and two sixes while Shah gave them a good start opening the innings by contributing 41(51) with three fours. TCC overcame a target of 158 with 17 balls to spare. DWCC were given a slow start after opting to bat first but picked up after 10 overs as middle order Srikar, Abhishek and Nazy along with top order Hari and shekhar put on 125 runs on board. However, the momentum swung TCC way as their batsmen had shown better performance against DWCC for comfortable win. 

2015-12-15: NFCL calls for Gators CC Suspension
NFCL committee calls for Gators CC suspension from NFCL Winter T-30 tournament as they failed to show up for their second game against Chillers CC on 12/12/2015, the match has been forfeited giving CCC 4 points. NFCL committee had made a decision on suspending Gators CC for rest of the tournament, as this was their second straight match forfeited. Rest of the scheduled Gators CC games will be considered as forfeit and opponent teams will be awarded 4 points.

2015-12-11: Here is the schedule for this week

Match#         Date/Time                         Host team            Visiting team    Ground                  Umpires
Match#004    Dec 12th 10:30AM (Sat)    Chillers CC           Gators CC         Victory Park, FL    TBD
Match#005    Dec 13th 10:30AM (Sun)    Tallahassee CC    Deerwood CC    Tallahassee, FL    TBD

Week 2 Result:

1) Gators CC has forfeited their first game First-Coast CC 
2)Jacksonville CF won against  Savannah CC by 7 wkts.
Savannah CC 150/30 in 30 overs
Jacksonville CF 154/3 in 19.3 overs
Man of the Match: Adrian Thompson(JCF)

Thanks to all teams for the great understanding and support!
As always we welcome your feedback.
NFCL Committee

2015-12-10: Good News for Deerwood CC

DWCC will be playing against TCC in Tallahassee on 12/13/2015. TCC has stunned JCF on their first encounter by tearing up their batting order and restricting them to 100 runs in 20.2 overs. In reply JCF gave a good fight with early wickets but could not get Venroy who scored 39 runs to give his team a comfortable win. DWCC is looking for their first win and adding Abhishek to their side who holds a title of scoring fastest fifty in NFCL history makes them more stronger. Will DWCC get their first win? Need to wait till this weekend.

2015-12-10: Injured Jignesh Patel!! Worried Shabaka Mathlin?

JCF captain Shabaka Mathlin is worried as Jignesh Patel sprained his back while bowling against SCC on 12/06/2015. Jignesh patel was in his 3rd over after starting his season with spectacular bowling before spraining his back. This will be a huge loss for JCF bowling line up. He was been asked to take rest right away and will have to wait for his status until JCF next practice session. Will have to wait and see whether Shabaka has to look for a replacement or wait for his main bowler recovery.

2015-12-08: News: All round Adrian routs Savannah CC on his home ground
Adrian Thompson stared in getting a win for his team Jacksonville CF against Savannah CC. Savannah won the toss and decided to bat, it all worked out as per their plan as Vikas, Pritesh and Kaushal gave a good start but Savannah middle order was fumbled facing JCF bowling attack. End of 30th over Savannah was able to get 150 runs playing all 30 overs. In reply JCF started with blasting start by Adrian scoring 41 of 38 balls including 5 boundaries and 1 massive six. JCF had a comfortable win by scoring 154 runs in 19.3 overs with a bonus point. Will have to wait how Savannah CC comes out for their next game after this loss.

2015-12-08: News: Gators Forfeited against First-Coast CC
It was not a good start last weekend for NFCL and First-Coast CC as Gators CC forfeited their first match. Felt bad for First-Coast CC as they were all pumped up to start this season with a win. Though they had an additional practice session before their first match and wish they are all geared up and well prepared for next match. On side note would like to request First-Coast CC to update their team roster as we track everything through our website.