Paterson Cricket League (PCL)

Paterson Cricket League (PCL) Details

League Name: Paterson Cricket League (PCL)
Address: West Side Park
386 Preakness Avenue
Paterson,New Jersey
United States - 07522
Current Series:  Season 11
About Club:
Paterson Cricket League (PCL) is a non profit organization. Our goal is to familiar cricket in the United States and help the young generations off the street. 
Paterson Cricket League (PCL) started in 2011 with a small number of teams and players. Our first ground was John F. Kennedy High School parking lot and played there whenever the lot was empty. Over the years about 7 plus teams participated in 7 vs 7 and 9 vs 9 tournaments. As time passed, we grew in numbers, we grew with good cricket and we also grew together. We learned from each other and  learned to work together. We are growing because of a small number of dedicated people who had visions, gave their sweat, gave their time and stayed dedicated and committed to our success. We are grateful to those who came before us, and to those who started a process, continued to nurser it and continued their unconditional support for a united success. We have to learn from past success and today's challenges, work together toward a better tomorrow and the distant future.