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2019 Winter Bi-Lateral T20 - Series 2 begins today.

With redrafted teams, Phantoms Specter and Phantoms Menace are both ready to battle each other for glory! Phantoms Specter, fresh off the win in Series 1, come in as the favorites, especially after drafting a squad full of all-rounders in the re-draft of players ahead of Series 2. But this is a new series and the playing field has been leveled with the re-draft which has seen multiple players switch allegiances.

Here is how the team rosters look at the start of Series 2. Biggest moves include the stars instrumental in Phantoms Specter's win in Series 1, Koshal Sharma, Mahesh Kumar Chellan, Amit Joshi, Nishikanth Shekar and Ravindra Sengar who have now been drafted to play for Phantoms Menace. But Phantoms Specter has been very shrewd in re-drafting their star fielder Buchi Reddy while adding the all-round talents of Nisarg Desai, Pankaj Agarwala, Ankit Singh, Arpit Jain, Dewashish Chandramauli and Anoop Nair to the existing core of Captain Raj Murali and star batsman Hardik Solanki. Abhishek Ransingh who has been on the cusp of an explosive inning is now the X-factor for Phantoms Specter and is expected to put them over the top. Will the stars from Series 1 put Menace over the top or will the All-round squad of Specter repeat as champions? Game 1 starts tonight at 8 PM @ MS Commons.

Phantoms Specter
  1. Captain: Raj Murali
  2. Vice Captain: Abhishek Ransingh
  3. Pankaj Agarwala
  4. Hardik Solanki
  5. Nisarg Desai
  6. Arpit Jain
  7. Anoop Nair
  8. Ankit Aggarwal
  9. Dewashish Chandramauli
  10. Buchi Reddy
  11. Anshul
  12. Ujjwal Sharma
  13. Anil Kapoor
Phantoms Menace
  1. Captain: Nishant Sinha
  2. Vice Captain: Koshal Sharma
  3. Kanishk Lakhanpal
  4. Amit Joshi
  5. Mahesh Kumar Chellan
  6. Likhesh Brahmanwade
  7. Nishikanth Shekar
  8. Ravindra Sengar
  9. Hemanth Katta
  10. Rohit Barade
  11. Gaurav Bansal
  12. Rahul Bhise
  13. Shiva Lokasani

2019-11-20: Phantoms Specter thrashes Phantoms Menace by 56 runs to lift the trophy in the 2019 Winter League Bi-Lateral Series 1. Mahesh Kumar Chellan is the man of the match in game 3. Man of the series is Koshal Sharma.


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