Match Results
Series: SCCL5 Team: All Teams

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
98 Final 12/10/2017 LA UnderDogs Woodland hills LA UnderDogs won by 16 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 110/6(20.0)
Woodland hills: 94/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
97 Semi Final 12/10/2017 Simi avengers Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 5 Wkt(s) Simi avengers: 130/8(20.0)
Woodland hills: 131/5(17.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
96 Semi Final 12/09/2017 Simi avengers Woodland hills Simi avengers: 130/7(20.0/20 ov) Woodland hills: 22/2(5.0/20.0 ov) Simi avengers: 130/7(20.0)
Woodland hills: 22/2(5.0)  Live
95 Semi Final 12/09/2017 LA UnderDogs Gillies LA UnderDogs won by 79 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 106/8(20.0)
Gillies: 27/10(13.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
94 Quarter Final 12/02/2017 Superkings Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 3 Wkt(s) Superkings: 53/10(18.2)
Woodland hills: 54/7(16.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
93 Quarter Final 12/02/2017 Simi avengers Titans of Turf Simi avengers won by 25 Run(s) Simi avengers: 75/10(19.1)
Titans of Turf: 50/10(15.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
92 Quarter Final 12/02/2017 Valley Vipers LA UnderDogs LA UnderDogs won by 5 Wkt(s) Valley Vipers: 70/10(19.0)
LA UnderDogs: 71/5(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
91 Quarter Final 12/02/2017 CSUN Challengers Gillies Gillies won by 3 Wkt(s) CSUN Challengers: 53/10(19.1)
Gillies: 55/7(17.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
90 League 11/19/2017 Valley Vipers Newbury Cricketers Valley Vipers won by 9 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 64/8(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 55/10(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
89 League 11/19/2017 Simi Rockers Evergreen Cricket Club Simi Rockers won by 36 Run(s) Simi Rockers: 106/8(20.0)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 70/10(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
88 League 11/19/2017 CSUN Challengers SCC Blue SCC Blue won by 8 Wkt(s) CSUN Challengers: 86/9(20.0)
SCC Blue: 90/2(15.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
87 League 11/19/2017 Simi avengers LA UnderDogs LA UnderDogs won by 5 Wkt(s) Simi avengers: 55/10(15.2)
LA UnderDogs: 56/5(14.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
86 League 11/19/2017 Superkings Gillies Superkings won by 24 Run(s) Superkings: 77/10(19.3)
Gillies: 53/10(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
85 League 11/18/2017 Titans of Turf Newbury Cricketers Titans of Turf won by 37 Run(s) Titans of Turf: 81/9(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 44/10(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
84 League 11/18/2017 Woodland hills White Walkers XI Woodland hills won by 12 Run(s) Woodland hills: 82/4(20.0)
White Walkers XI: 70/10(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
83 League 11/18/2017 Titans of Turf LA warriors Titans of Turf won by 31 Run(s) Titans of Turf: 98/10(20.0)
LA warriors: 67/10(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
82 League 11/18/2017 VCC Risers NEOGOV 11 VCC Risers won by 20 Run(s) VCC Risers: 91/8(20.0)
NEOGOV 11: 71/10(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
81 League 11/18/2017 Kunfu Pandas SCC Red SCC Red won by 2 Wkt(s) Kunfu Pandas: 70/10(17.4)
SCC Red: 71/8(19.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
80 League 11/18/2017 CCCC Agoura CC Agoura CC won by 1 Wkt(s) CCCC: 65/10(19.5)
Agoura CC: 70/9(19.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
79 League 11/12/2017 Valley Vipers Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 3 Wkt(s) Valley Vipers: 45/9(20.0)
Woodland hills: 46/7(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
78 League 11/12/2017 SCC Red NEOGOV 11 Forfeited. Winner: SCC Red SCC Red: 0/0(0.0)
77 League 11/12/2017 Evergreen Cricket Club Newbury Cricketers Newbury Cricketers won by 5 Wkt(s) Evergreen Cricket Club: 67/10(17.5)
Newbury Cricketers: 68/5(12.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
76 League 11/12/2017 Titans of Turf White Walkers XI White Walkers XI won by 8 Wkt(s) Titans of Turf: 53/9(20.0)
White Walkers XI: 54/2(15.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
75 League 11/12/2017 VCC Risers Kunfu Pandas VCC Risers won by 7 Run(s) VCC Risers: 85/10(19.4)
Kunfu Pandas: 78/10(19.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
74 League 11/12/2017 LA UnderDogs Superkings LA UnderDogs won by 87 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 126/9(20.0)
Superkings: 39/10(11.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
73 League 11/12/2017 Simi Rockers SCC Blue SCC Blue won by 8 Wkt(s) Simi Rockers: 41/10(17.3)
SCC Blue: 43/2(7.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
72 League 11/12/2017 Gillies CCCC Gillies won by 28 Run(s) Gillies: 93/10(20.0)
CCCC: 65/10(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
71 League 11/11/2017 SCC Red Simi avengers Simi avengers won by 6 Wkt(s) SCC Red: 66/10(18.3)
Simi avengers: 67/4(14.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
70 League 11/11/2017 LA warriors CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 4 Wkt(s) LA warriors: 41/10(17.2)
CSUN Challengers: 42/6(12.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
69 League 11/11/2017 Agoura CC NEOGOV 11 Agoura CC won by 7 Run(s) Agoura CC: 55/10(15.4)
NEOGOV 11: 48/10(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
68 League 11/05/2017 Woodland hills Simi Rockers Woodland hills won by 68 Run(s) Woodland hills: 121/5(20.0)
Simi Rockers: 53/10(19.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
67 League 11/05/2017 Valley Vipers Evergreen Cricket Club Valley Vipers won by 65 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 118/10(20.0)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 53/10(11.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
66 League 11/05/2017 Newbury Cricketers SCC Blue Newbury Cricketers won by 62 Run(s) Newbury Cricketers: 124/7(20.0)
SCC Blue: 62/10(16.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
65 League 11/05/2017 White Walkers XI CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 5 Wkt(s) White Walkers XI: 66/10(20.0)
CSUN Challengers: 73/5(18.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
64 League 11/05/2017 LA UnderDogs Gillies LA UnderDogs won by 18 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 76/10(19.3)
Gillies: 58/10(18.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
63 League 11/05/2017 Agoura CC Superkings Superkings won by 4 Wkt(s) Agoura CC: 64/10(19.5)
Superkings: 66/6(14.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
62 League 11/04/2017 Titans of Turf Woodland hills Titans of Turf won by 20 Run(s) Titans of Turf: 98/9(20.0)
Woodland hills: 78/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
61 League 11/04/2017 VCC Risers CCCC VCC Risers won by 8 Run(s) VCC Risers: 104/4(20.0)
CCCC: 96/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
60 League 11/04/2017 Kunfu Pandas Simi avengers Simi avengers won by 5 Wkt(s) Kunfu Pandas: 67/10(20.0)
Simi avengers: 72/5(16.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
59 League 11/04/2017 Simi Rockers LA warriors Simi Rockers won by 6 Run(s) Simi Rockers: 88/7(20.0)
LA warriors: 82/10(18.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
58 League 10/29/2017 Evergreen Cricket Club SCC Blue SCC Blue won by 5 Wkt(s) Evergreen Cricket Club: 92/8(20.0)
SCC Blue: 93/5(17.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
57 League 10/29/2017 White Walkers XI Simi Rockers White Walkers XI won by 17 Run(s) White Walkers XI: 71/10(19.2)
Simi Rockers: 54/10(19.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
56 League 10/29/2017 NEOGOV 11 Superkings Superkings won by 3 Wkt(s) NEOGOV 11: 53/10(16.1)
Superkings: 58/7(19.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
55 League 10/29/2017 CCCC LA UnderDogs LA UnderDogs won by 7 Wkt(s) CCCC: 41/10(17.5)
LA UnderDogs: 47/3(9.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
54 League 10/29/2017 Agoura CC Simi avengers Simi avengers won by 4 Wkt(s) Agoura CC: 33/10(17.4)
Simi avengers: 34/6(12.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
53 League 10/29/2017 Valley Vipers LA warriors Valley Vipers won by 17 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 85/10(19.5)
LA warriors: 68/10(18.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
52 League 10/29/2017 Gillies Kunfu Pandas Gillies won by 19 Run(s) Gillies: 98/6(20.0)
Kunfu Pandas: 79/7(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
51 League 10/28/2017 CSUN Challengers Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 4 Wkt(s) CSUN Challengers: 71/10(19.5)
Woodland hills: 74/6(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
50 League 10/28/2017 VCC Risers SCC Red VCC Risers won by 19 Run(s) VCC Risers: 89/6(20.0)
SCC Red: 70/10(19.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
49 League 10/22/2017 White Walkers XI Newbury Cricketers White Walkers XI won by 33 Run(s) White Walkers XI: 130/5(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 97/10(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
48 League 10/22/2017 Valley Vipers SCC Blue Valley Vipers won by 14 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 74/10(18.3)
SCC Blue: 60/10(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
47 League 10/22/2017 LA UnderDogs VCC Risers LA UnderDogs won by 64 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 122/6(20.0)
VCC Risers: 58/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
46 League 10/22/2017 Gillies Simi avengers Simi avengers won by 2 Wkt(s) Gillies: 80/10(20.0)
Simi avengers: 81/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
45 League 10/22/2017 Titans of Turf CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 6 Wkt(s) Titans of Turf: 58/9(20.0)
CSUN Challengers: 60/4(16.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
44 League 10/22/2017 Kunfu Pandas Superkings Superkings won by 6 Wkt(s) Kunfu Pandas: 82/9(20.0)
Superkings: 87/4(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
43 League 10/21/2017 NEOGOV 11 CCCC CCCC won by 9 Wkt(s) NEOGOV 11: 47/10(14.2)
CCCC: 53/1(5.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
42 League 10/21/2017 LA warriors Evergreen Cricket Club Evergreen Cricket Club won by 5 Wkt(s) LA warriors: 79/10(19.3)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 80/5(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
41 League 10/21/2017 Agoura CC SCC Red Agoura CC won by 24 Run(s) Agoura CC: 95/9(20.1)
SCC Red: 71/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
40 League 10/15/2017 LA UnderDogs NEOGOV 11 LA UnderDogs won by 40 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 90/3(20.0)
NEOGOV 11: 50/10(18.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
39 League 10/15/2017 Valley Vipers CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 7 Wkt(s) Valley Vipers: 71/7(20.0)
CSUN Challengers: 72/3(16.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
38 League 10/15/2017 Gillies SCC Red Gillies won by 34 Run(s) Gillies: 99/7(20.0)
SCC Red: 65/10(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
37 League 10/15/2017 Newbury Cricketers Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 5 Wkt(s) Newbury Cricketers: 87/8(20.0)
Woodland hills: 88/5(17.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
36 League 10/15/2017 Agoura CC VCC Risers VCC Risers won by 2 Wkt(s) Agoura CC: 52/10(19.0)
VCC Risers: 53/8(18.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
35 League 10/15/2017 Simi avengers Superkings Simi avengers won by 37 Run(s) Simi avengers: 129/9(20.0)
Superkings: 92/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
34 League 10/15/2017 Titans of Turf Simi Rockers Titans of Turf won by 14 Run(s) Titans of Turf: 77/10(19.1)
Simi Rockers: 63/10(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
33 League 10/15/2017 White Walkers XI Evergreen Cricket Club White Walkers XI won by 43 Run(s) White Walkers XI: 113/7(20.0)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 70/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
32 League 10/14/2017 LA warriors SCC Blue SCC Blue won by 4 Wkt(s) LA warriors: 62/7(20.0)
SCC Blue: 63/6(15.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
31 League 10/14/2017 Kunfu Pandas CCCC CCCC won by 8 Wkt(s) Kunfu Pandas: 50/10(18.0)
CCCC: 56/2(12.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
30 League 10/08/2017 LA UnderDogs Agoura CC LA UnderDogs won by 13 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 90/10(20.0)
Agoura CC: 77/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
29 League 10/08/2017 Valley Vipers Titans of Turf Titans of Turf won by 8 Wkt(s) Valley Vipers: 69/10(18.2)
Titans of Turf: 73/2(12.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
28 League 10/08/2017 CSUN Challengers Simi Rockers CSUN Challengers won by 25 Run(s) CSUN Challengers: 112/7(20.0)
Simi Rockers: 87/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
27 League 10/08/2017 Gillies VCC Risers Gillies won by 21 Run(s) Gillies: 101/7(20.0)
VCC Risers: 80/10(18.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
26 League 10/08/2017 White Walkers XI SCC Blue SCC Blue won by 4 Wkt(s) White Walkers XI: 55/10(18.3)
SCC Blue: 56/6(17.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
25 League 10/08/2017 Simi avengers CCCC Simi avengers won by 14 Run(s) Simi avengers: 127/6(20.0)
CCCC: 113/10(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
24 League 10/07/2017 Woodland hills Evergreen Cricket Club Woodland hills won by 36 Run(s) Woodland hills: 109/10(19.2)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 73/9(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
23 League 10/07/2017 Newbury Cricketers LA warriors Newbury Cricketers won by 96 Run(s) Newbury Cricketers: 133/8(20.0)
LA warriors: 37/10(15.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
22 League 10/07/2017 Superkings SCC Red SCC Red won by 4 Wkt(s) Superkings: 85/7(20.0)
SCC Red: 86/6(18.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
21 League 10/01/2017 Valley Vipers Simi Rockers Valley Vipers won by 41 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 112/5(20.0)
Simi Rockers: 71/8(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
20 League 10/01/2017 Newbury Cricketers CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 3 Wkt(s) Newbury Cricketers: 60/9(20.0)
CSUN Challengers: 64/7(16.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
19 League 10/01/2017 LA UnderDogs Kunfu Pandas LA UnderDogs won by 56 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 91/8(20.0)
Kunfu Pandas: 35/10(17.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
18 League 10/01/2017 VCC Risers Superkings Superkings won by 5 Wkt(s) VCC Risers: 65/8(20.0)
Superkings: 71/5(14.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
17 League 10/01/2017 Agoura CC Gillies Gillies won by 1 Wkt(s) Agoura CC: 65/10(19.2)
Gillies: 68/9(18.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
16 League 10/01/2017 Titans of Turf Evergreen Cricket Club Titans of Turf won by 45 Run(s) Titans of Turf: 99/10(19.4)
Evergreen Cricket Club: 54/10(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
15 League 10/01/2017 SCC Red CCCC CCCC won by 7 Wkt(s) SCC Red: 60/7(20.0)
CCCC: 62/3(13.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
14 League 09/30/2017 Simi avengers NEOGOV 11 Simi avengers won by 65 Run(s) Simi avengers: 118/9(20.0)
NEOGOV 11: 53/10(19.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
13 League 09/30/2017 SCC Blue Woodland hills Woodland hills won by 5 Wkt(s) SCC Blue: 94/10(20.0)
Woodland hills: 100/5(15.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
12 League 09/30/2017 White Walkers XI LA warriors White Walkers XI won by 9 Run(s) White Walkers XI: 95/10(20.0)
LA warriors: 86/10(19.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
11 League 09/24/2017 Gillies NEOGOV 11 Gillies won by 44 Run(s) Gillies: 110/7(20.0)
NEOGOV 11: 66/10(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
10 League 09/24/2017 Valley Vipers White Walkers XI Valley Vipers won by 53 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 133/7(20.0)
White Walkers XI: 80/10(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
9 League 09/24/2017 Evergreen Cricket Club CSUN Challengers CSUN Challengers won by 6 Wkt(s) Evergreen Cricket Club: 49/10(15.4)
CSUN Challengers: 52/4(11.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
8 League 09/24/2017 VCC Risers Simi avengers Simi avengers won by 3 Wkt(s) VCC Risers: 72/10(20.0)
Simi avengers: 77/7(19.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
7 League 09/24/2017 SCC Blue Titans of Turf Super Over. Winner: SCC Blue SCC Blue: 76/9(20.0)
Titans of Turf: 76/10(19.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
6 League 09/24/2017 CCCC Superkings Superkings won by 5 Wkt(s) CCCC: 63/10(18.0)
Superkings: 65/5(11.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 09/23/2017 Woodland hills LA warriors Woodland hills won by 46 Run(s) Woodland hills: 79/8(20.0)
LA warriors: 33/10(11.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 09/23/2017 LA UnderDogs SCC Red LA UnderDogs won by 72 Run(s) LA UnderDogs: 136/8(20.0)
SCC Red: 64/9(16.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 09/23/2017 Kunfu Pandas Agoura CC Kunfu Pandas won by 60 Run(s) Kunfu Pandas: 117/5(20.0)
Agoura CC: 57/10(16.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
2 League 09/17/2017 Simi Rockers Newbury Cricketers Newbury Cricketers won by 6 Wkt(s) Simi Rockers: 71/9(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 74/4(14.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 09/16/2017 NEOGOV 11 Kunfu Pandas Kunfu Pandas won by 3 Wkt(s) NEOGOV 11: 17/10(13.4)
Kunfu Pandas: 21/7(7.4)Ball By Ball Coverage