Academy management

Academy Management

Are you running a Cricket academy and struggling to make it to the next level? CricClubs Academy management is the solution to enhance your academy to the next level with online payments, tackling the performance, enrolling new programs, etc.

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The attendance module of the academy management system enables academy administrators to keep track of the attendance of all the players registered to the academy. They can view a program wise cumulative attendance along with viewing the attendance statistics of each of the players. Along with helping the admin, the attendance module also makes the coaches life easy; coaches can easily take everyday program-wise attendance. At the end of the day, coaches can view the program wise attendance along with the attendance of each of the players. Players can also view a summary of their attendance for their respective program.

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Performance Reports

Coaches can easily keep track of the performance of the players by sending them feedback quickly and easily. They can share feedback with players of the entire program or send feedback to individual players. They will be able to view stats and analytics which will enable them to send the right kind of feedback to the players. The admin will get to see an overall view of all the feedback that the players have received. The players will be able to view their most recent feedback along with a history of all the feedback they have received during the entirety of the program.

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The payment module in the academy management system helps the admin to keep track of all the payments made to the academy by the players who have registered to a program. The admin can admit a player offline by collecting all his details and taking his payment offline in the form of cash/card or any other modes of payment. The admin can record this information when registering the player to the academy. The admin can also view the complete payment history of each of the players in the academy. The players can also check their payment history and keep track of the payments made to the academy.

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Communication is key for a cricket academy, which is the reason for the presence of a SMS/Email module in the academy management system. The administrator can send either an email or SMS to all the members registered with the academy. They can also send emails/SMS to individual players intimating them of any changes in the program timinigs, holidays, events or in case of any emergencies. The coach can also send communication in the form of an SMS or email to individual players under his program and also to the members under his program (volunteers, assistant coaches, parents, etc.)

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Program Management

The academy administrator can use the program management module to create new programs for the academy. The administrator can easily create programs by quickly filling in all the details for the program. Admins can edit, update, hide and delete programs. They can enable and disable registrations to a program along with having the functionality of manually admitting players to a program. Admins can also assign coaches and volunteers to the programs. They can also export the details of the players who have registered to the programs.

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Admin Console

The admin console is an all in one complete management system for the administrator of the academy. The admin can create, edit, update, hide and delete programs, admit players into programs, create/register coaches and volunteers to the academy and assign them to various programs. He can also view all the players registered to the academy and view their complete details. They have a complete overview of the attendance of the players along with all the feedback that has been shared on the platform. They can take of all the media for the website, send communications to players and members and keep track of all registrations and payments made for the programs.

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