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2015-08-13: - The group stages will be Round Robin, Each team will play one game against the other teams (4 games / team). Topper of the table goes directly to the final. 2nd and 3rd ranking teams will play an eliminator to qualify to the finals.
- Each player in a team should play atleast one group match to play in the eliminator and finals.
- Please be at the ground 15 mins before for toss. If the match is delayed from the scheduled start, the team responsible for the delay will be penalized. PENALTY: one over lesser for every 5 min delay from the scheduled start, when the ‘in question’ team gets to bat.
- Group stage/Semis: 12 overs/ side with 3 overs per bowler.
- Finals: 15 overs with 3 overs per bowler.
- Min 7 players are needed by a side to play the game. Super Sub is allowed, umpire needs to be notified before the first ball is bowled. Super sub need to be present for the entire stretch of the game.
- No LBW, no leg byes, no free hits, no powerplay. Byes is allowed. Max 5 players can field on one side at any given time. ‘Above the waist’ no ball is applicable for all the bowlers.
- In case of a Match tie, super over will be played (1 over & 2 wickets/side; high scorer wins), In rare case of a tie in the superover, then the team that has scored max boundaries will be pronounced winners.
- Each victory will add 2 points to the team. In case of points tie Net Run Rate ( ) will be calculated and the one with a better NRR will go through. In the rare case of a NRR tie, Head 2 head counts.
- Stumps and balls provided; please bring your own bats and other equipment.
- In case of weather related issues, we will try the following actions in given below order.      
   a) Over reduction based on the time left
   b) Rescheduling to a suitable slot if available
   c) Points sharing if match adandent.