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Cricket betting evolves with the transforming digital landscape



For decades, the game of cricket has brought people together in India. In that time, the game itself has evolved over the years - starting from test matches to ODI’s to T20’s.
While cricket has always been associated with big money, the business aspect of cricket is more apparent than ever with the coming of IPL (Indian Premier League) in India. Advertisements, events, tickets, player auctions, et al constitute a big business landscape.
However, cricket betting is certainly the most thrilling piece in this landscape. With the evolution in technology and game formats, cricket betting has also seen major changes.

Evolution of cricket betting

Various documents suggest that cricket betting was introduced during the mid 1600s. Cricket betting started off (and till date continues) in posh lounges and pavilions of cricket stadiums.
Technology has radically transformed the face of the betting industry. Televised matches enabled a larger audience to join the betting community, but this activity remained highly unorganized.
Today, bettors can use their smartphone or tablets to place bets on their favourite players and teams. Currently, mobile apps have massive influence in the industry and have overtaken traditional bookies.
The changes in technology have facilitated betting in the new digital era and have been beneficial in India and other countries where sports betting is illegal. Cricket betting online has increased in popularity, thanks to offshore providers that offer online betting services with no regulation from the Indian govt.
There are various sites that accept bets in Indian currency and cover all the major events and markets. These sites have also introduced a variety of deposit methods. With the development and increasing popularity of several e-wallets and mobile payment options such as UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm, making financial transactions online has become vastly more simple in the past year or two.
Innovations in technology aim to recreate the lounge betting experience with augmented reality and virtual reality based products. Bettors will get a close to real experience of the cricket stadium and betting with players seated at the same table.
It is no doubt that technology has enabled more Indian players to engage in cricket betting from any corner of the country with just a few clicks.

But what about safety?

Technology and the internet are wonderful tools. However, technology is increasing faster than security and safety can keep up. This is especially true in the case of online cricket betting, an industry that is prone to scams and fraudulent sites.
The need of the hour is a solid resource that provides players with all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the legality and safety of online cricket betting in India.
We recommend visiting, which is an aggregator of all the best legal betting sites in India and a complete knowledge base on betting legally in India. They can help you get started betting online legally fast, and at zero cost.