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Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

CricClubs makes world-class technology, products, and services easily accessible to every cricket administrator, organizer, team manager, player, fan and follower so they can experience cricket like never before!

CricClubs is a leading cricket technology company that is used in more than 57+countries and 16000+ leagues across the world. CricClubs offers a FREE tier of Web and Mobile App solutions with several premium that you can choose. CricClubs never charges league audiences and fans that simply want to share features the excitement. CricClubs is known for ease of navigation, comprehensive league management and is absolutely loved by our users. CricClubs believes that your league information, matches, scorecards, statistics etc should be freely and easily accessible by your players, fans, and audience. We don't believe in the "Fan Pass" model. In fact, CricClubs does a whole bunch of things better.

CricClubs has over 16000+ leagues, 30,000+ tournaments and 1000,000+ players across 57+ countries.CricClubs has been selected as the official scoring partner by 18+ National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

You can setup a league on Cricclubs in as less time as 5 minutes, follow the steps below to setup your league

1. Go to and in the top right corner click on Signup Button and choose your desired package from Basic, Essentials and Premium. If you are Interested in purchasing the Enterprise please contact our sales team and we will be glad to assist you.

2. Once you register your league (and make payment for Essentials, Premium package) you will receive an email with the league activation code. Click on the link and your league will be activated and you will receive another email with Admin Username and Password.

3. Login to your account from Desktop/App and setup your league

Cricclubs League Management can be done on Desktop and Mobile APP (Android/iOS).

Once you register the league you will receive an welcome email with admin login credentials and the detailed steps to create a series along with supportive Videos and Documents. Alternatively you can follow the below steps to move further.

Login as Admin > Create series > Upload team/Create team > Upload player > Upload schedule > Live scoring.

The main core products of Cricclubs are League Management, Live Scoring App, Live Streaming, Custom Apparel/Balls, LED Scoreboard and Academy Management. However we offer the League Management and Live Scoring at free of cost also with limited features.

All league admins will have 24*7 customer support through email. For free users there is only chat option for first 14 days. Essential users are entitled for email and chat support. Premium users have access to email, chat and calls.

League Management

The league can be register through Website and through mobile App.

1. Go to and in the top right corner click on Register Button and fill the required information.

2.Open the CricClubs App and in the overview you can see the Register league option, go through that and fill the required information.

Players are required to register for their respective Cricket League on Register option is available on the right side in the menu bar. On selecting the register option Player is directed to the registration form to fill player details. Player submits a registration request by clicking the submit button. Please note anyone can register a player on his behalf as long as they have required player information for registration.

Only Admin has access to league data but he can give access to Scorers, Organizers, Umpires.

League Admin, Team Admin, Team Scorer, League Scorer, Series Admin, Scheduler.

Admins can create fixtures for one match or upload schedule to create multiple fixtures by providing required Fixture related information in terms of teams involved, date/time, ground location etc. Admins can create Teams individually or upload teams to create multiple teams by providing required Team related information in terms of team Name, Players on roster and Captain/VC etc.

When Admin navigates to Players -> Approve players, there are 3 tabs namely New, Active and Inactive. New Players are waiting for admin's approval, Active players are already approved by admin players and Inactive players are those registered players who are no more actively playing.

Admin - or Scorer Can click on the player profile & can edit all the fields

While scoring go to Actions Tab below, Click Action Tab - You Can View a change Max overs of match option.

While scoring go to Actions Tab below, Click Action Tab - You Can View set the Total Team target manually option.

While scoring go to Comment Tab below, Click Comment Tab - Where You Can Add The Comments Manually.

Live Scoring App

> Go to live scoring section in the app

> Tap On Ready start

> Select your scheduled game

> Tap On Start Live Scoring

> Select the squad of both the teams

> Select the no of overs

> Go To My Games & Start Scoring

League Admin, Team Scorer, League Scorer

If you are not able to score live then you can update/upload the scorecard manually by following steps.

Login as Admin/Captain/Vice Captain > Matches > Result/Schedule > Go to particular matches > Admin action > Full Scorecard > Validate And submit.

Yes, You can find the edit option while live scoring the match and you can edit any particular ball of the match.

Yes, You can add players by tapping on the action tab, you can find add players option.

Live Stream

We can provide you the overlays if you have your own camera equipment. It is just a 5 minute easy setup with software integration and easy to control.

We will provide you technology and you can stream your video with our technology

The following are requirements for streaming

1. Laptop, 2. Capture Device, 3. HDMI Cables, 4. Camera, 5. Tripod, 6. Network, 7. OBS Software, 8. Overlays

We will provide you a separate control panel where you can switch between the scorecard and other statistics like batting, bowling and overall scoresheet, etc.

You can stream the matches on Youtube, Facebook, Own website and other social media channels.

Please contact for queries regarding the live streaming and overlays costing.

Custom Apparels / Balls

You can order high quality customizable jerseys, cricket balls, bats and LED Scoreboard at CricSotres.

You can customize jersey, trousers, caps with your required colors, designs and logos on CricSotres or you can directly mail your own designs to for order processing.

We only accept orders with a minimum quantity of 15 Jerseys or 11 Full Uniforms

From the time of your order confirmation we would take a maximum of three weeks to deliver your jerseys. We also accept rush orders which can be delivered in two weeks only subject to market demand. For orders with minimum quantity we ship them at free of cost and for orders less than minimum quantity we charge extra for the shipping cost as estimated.

Smart LED Scoreboard in 42(ft) size which is useful to display live scoring of the matches on the field & also useful to display sponsors logos. No, we can't integrate other platforms on the LED scoreboard.

Academy Management

Unable to find your answer ? Let us help you, Please write at