Oregon Cricket League

Oregon Cricket League Details

League Name: Oregon Cricket League
Address: 123 Made Up Avenue
United States - 97001
Current Series:  Oregon Super Sixes
About Club:

The Oregon Cricket League (OCL) has applied for non-profit status 2014. There is representation of 16 teams in the recreational league and participants in league are working professional, local store owners, and cricket enthusiast who have kept cricket as their love during summer time. Some of the competitive players represent themselves in NWCL Division 1 Premier League under Oregon United.

Oregon Cricket League organizes two different formats of cricket tournaments for its participating members. The T20 and the T30 format in addition to practice games.?The T20 format is shorter version of cricket game begins from April-June, it is a fast paced game with white ball and colored clothing. The T30 format is played with traditional red cherry ball with northwest weather providing perfect conditions for the red ball to swing more from July to October of cricket season.

The teams in the league have their home grounds developed in partnership with local parks and private businesses. The league covers the sister cities of Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Vancouver, Salem?and Eugene (though all are welcome).

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