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2019-08-01: Today 2nd elimination match for KForce Summer league 2019 between Royals andGBSK teams.Who ever wins this match, will be playing finals against Scorchers on Sunday at 04:00 PM Chappel ground.

2018-08-04: We have come to the end of summer league 2018. Final match is tomorrow at 10.00AM @ chappel. Come and enjoy the cricket.
Summer league final 2018
Tigers vs GBSK
10.00 AM

2018-05-22: Finally summer is here is Green Bay...

GBCA summer league 2018  starts  tomorrow 5/23/18. let play and enjoy the cricket for next two months. 7 Teams are participating in this league. Lets see who will win this title... 


GBCA Spring Super 6 - April 29 2017 (Saturday) 

Registrations are open for GBCA Spring Super 6 , this will be a one day event.  Teams will play with 6 members per side with smaller boundaries. We will announce format and details once we get number of teams. Typically teams get to play 2-3 games before playoffs.

Date : April 29 2017
Day : Saturday
Time : 9 AM - 5 PM
Entry Fee : $5 per player for the tournament. (No team fees)

Please send your registrations to -



Dear Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful winter and  well rested for the upcoming cricket season.

While we are counting the days to start playing cricket, we would like to formally invite registrations for the 2017 GBCA Summer League.

Please respond with your team name and Captain/Vice Captain by  April 02 2017. We are also planning for a meeting of the captains/vice captains/Representative of all teams  on April 08 2017 (Saturday) to plan for the upcoming year. Once the registrations are complete we will send more details on this event.

Please send your registrations to or you can send a message on our Facebook page.

Request your quick response to help us plan better. 

GBCA Team.

2016-09-01: GBCA Fall Cricket League 2016

With a second year of GBCA Fall Cricket League witnessed many high scoring games which includes competative final between Centurion vs Sultaans. Sultaans put a good show but it was Centurion who crossed the final hurdle. Congrats to tournament Champions Centurion.
GBCA thanks all participating teams and players for playing fair and competitive cricket. We also appreciate the background efforts made by GBCA Core members and Umpiring Panel to make this tournament a successful event. Thanks you all and see you again!!


2016-07-25: GBCA is seeking volunteers for various events and for contributing in various roles within the organisation.

While GBCA has successfully conducted leagues for last 5 years, we would like more volunteer contribution to strengthen cricket and community in Greenbay and surrounding areas.

Please send your details or nominations to

2016-07-21: Hello All,

As you all know that Summer League - 2016 is wrapping up this week and we still have lot of summer left to fill the hunger for cricket. Please consider this as official invite for GBCA Fall Cricket League - 2016.

If interested, please send an email to for your participation (agreeing on paying Team Registration Fee as well) along with your team name, captain and vice-captain by Friday 07/22/2016 EOD. We know this is shorter period of time for registration but to utilize maximum time of play, please decide by given deadline so that we can work on schedule once we have head count of participating teams.
Once number of participating teams are finalized, we will provide further details like Tournament Format, Fee, Rules, Schedule, etc.


GBCA is planning to conduct a kids cricket camp.

This event is planned for Aug 6.

Please send following kids details to on or before Friday July 21st
Child Name:
Date of birth:
Parent's Name:
Contact Number:

Once we get number of participants count, we update further details.

2016-07-13: It is time to congratualte two chapions from our Green bay cricket family for reaching the new milestone.

Ankur Desai - Reached the 1000 runs milestone in all leagues combined and he is the first one to do this.
Deepak Ahuja - Reached the 100 wickets Milestone in all leagues combined and he is first one to do this.

GBCA congratulate these two players.

2016-05-17: Summer League - 2016

League starts today. The schedule has been uploaded to cricclub.

Let us have some fun with cricket.

2016-05-05:  "Sixer for Harish" Super Six Tournament
Date:        May 7th 2016 (9.00 AM to 6.00 PM)
Venue:      Ashwaubanon Sports Complex, 1680 Fernando Drive, De Pere WI-54115
                Chappell Elementary School 205 N Fisk St, Green bay WI-54303
12 teams are participating in this fund raiser tournament. Come and cheer  your favorite team.

2015-09-28: GBCA Super Six Cricket Tournament 2015

A newly introduced tournament by GBCA make a quick impact on participating players. A whole day event with the support of great weather condition was enjoyed by all. By taking reference of Hong Kong Super Six tournament, we did few modifications on rules and that worked great. High scoring games made spectators to enjoy too.

Thanks to Panthers, GBSK, Royals and Warriors 11 for participation. Congrats First Champion of GBCA Super Six Cricket Tournament 2015 - Panthers.

2015-09-17: GBCA Fall Cricket League 2015

With a new format, first year of GBCA Fall Cricket League witnessed many close games which includes breathtaking final between GBSK vs Royals. Royals put a good show but it was GBSK who crossed the final hurdle. Congrats to tournament Champions GBSK.
GBCA thanks all participating teams and players for playing fair and competitive cricket. We also appreciate the background efforts made by GBCA Core members and Umpiring Panel to make this tournament a successful event. Thanks you all and see you again!!



GBCL 2015 Champions - PANTHERS

Congrats to Panthers on winning the GBCL 2015 Finals. Panthers completed the league stage remaining unbeaten and continued their form into final.

2015-08-03: GBCL Finals between Panthers & Super Kings at 5:45 PM today.  Inviting everyone to attend and support their favourites..

For Super Kings It's their first final ever in GBCL and they are going to fight hard to make this a memorable one. On the hand, Panthers is keen on keeping their top spot intact.. 

These teams just met recently twice - both the teams won once. So really looking forward for a competittive final. 

Please take this note as an official invite and looking forward to see everyone there.. We may have some food as well as we celebrate the end of GBCL 2015.  See you all there.

Thanks everyone for making the cricket field inaugration event a grand success!.  Special thanks to Kids cricket coaches, Women Cricket coaches for sharing thier skills to the community.

Thanks Rahul for letting us using his garage for all the storage needs. Thanks all the volunteers in food arrangements... 

We are hearing a great feedback around this event from the community and it wouldn't be possible without every individual dedication towards making this a success.

Thanks to our sponsors Onward path, Marathon @Military Ave, Glass & Nickels!


Come and Join in the fun as we open our brand new cricket field. There will be fun activities for cricket players of all skill levels and an introduction to sport for those who have never played. There will be food, cricket instruction and matches.

Date: Saturday Aug 1, 2015
Time: 10:30 AM till 4:00 PM
Location: Ashwaubenon Sports Complex, 1680 Fernando Dr, De Pere, WI 54115

2015-07-04: Change in GBCA Board and Office bearers

In our last GBCA board meeting, we have shuffled office bearers and added new board members to support the ongoing initiatives of GBCA and the cricket community. 

Few Key changes are:
- Harsha Shiva is our new Vice President of GBCA. It was a vacant role for past couple of years.
- Deepak Ahuja is our new League Director replacing Sridhar Subramaniam
- Ranjan Kaniyot Jesuratnam is our new Secretary. It was vacant for a while.
- Dhakshinamoorthy Dhuruvan is our new Treasurer replacing Mohammed Shajahan.

All these changes are effective July 1st.  For the complete list of current board, please check here:

Taking this moment to thank everyone who have contributed to the cricket community in previous roles and welcome to the fresh faces who is taking over new responsibilities.



Sign up for Green Bay Women's Cricket Meetup

Join us for a casual Women's Cricket Meetup scheduled for Sat Jul 11 at 5:00 PM at Chappell Elementary School, Green Bay.

We will just play with cricket tennis balls. Bats, stumps and other game logistics will be provided by GBCA.

No prior playing experience required. If interested in cricket and have some outdoor fun, join us!

Please reach out to below numbers for any questions..

- Shalini (920 562 3119)
- Mahalakshmi (920 562 7949)

Since we are doing this for the first time, limiting the max attendees to 20. Please signup soon to reserve a spot. Thanks!

2015-05-12: Just wanted to update everyone on the incident happend on the field.  Some one tore the mat in field into two pieces in past couple of days.. 

We have filed a police complaint and they are looking into it.. With parks being involved, they assured additional patrol from now on and also on our behalf, requested neigbours to keep an eye on it. 


Tell me you got the power, And I say Uhhh?
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Well.. Just breaking the silence. That's it.. Let's get back to world cup :-)

2014-09-09: Check 'Photo Gallery' for LMI 2014 photos.

2014-09-07: Congratulations to Royals for winning LMI '14 title!!! You guys really showed you were the best team in the league without any doubt! Congrats once again ROYALS!!!

2014-09-06: Royals and Warriors 11 are in to the Final. LMI final has been scheduled at 3.30 PM, 09/07/14. Come and enjoy the game. 

2014-08-13: Updated umpire details with the schedule. To see the details
Click 'View all Fixtures' ... under Fixtures

2014-08-13: Hi Guys,

LMI schedule has been published.

2014-07-22: NEED HELP!!
Hi Guys,
Weather prediction seems to be very fluctuating for today (7/22). We need volunteers to put tarp @ 12:15PM. Please try to come and help us. - Deepak Ahuja

Wow.. Time flies. 56 matches - 14 matches per team.. gone already.. 

Thumbs up to all the teams of GBCL who played to their fullest cricket spirit and make this league successful so far..

Hard luck to all the teams who couldnt make it to playoffs and huge congrats to Hawks, Panthers, Royals & Super Kings for making it to playoffs

We are hoping to see a sportive & competitive cricket in upcoming playoffs and finals. 

Once again, good luck to all the teams in upcoming games.

2014-07-18: Hey Guys,

Ravi from Hawks team referred us this Charity organization( who are doing some amazing projects all around the world. We used to donate a part of our left over money from tournaments to this organization few years back. Since we are looking for funds ourselves to build a proper field, we couldn't do that anymore.. Posting here to see incase if anyone have personal interest on contributing to their projects.

Please visit for more information.. Please note that we have no personal affiliation with them. Please do due research before making contributions. 


Special thanks to all the volunteers who made the kid's event a successful and memorable one. It wouldn't be made possible without each and everyone of your help.. (Sorry If I missed anyone in the pictures)..
Volunteers missing in pictures:
 - Ramesh Dadi(warriors11)

Kid's Cricket Camp - Volunteer Request:

As you may already aware, June 7 is the kid's cricket day in Green bay and looking for at least 15 volunteers for the event. 

There are various activities like coaching, umpiring, food serving etc where we are in need of help.  The actual event starts at 10:30 and ends at 4:00

Please let Sridhar(Warriors11) or Deepak(Panthers) know if you are available in town on June 7 and make it to the event as volunteer. Even if you can make it for few hours, that could help as well (please let us know the timings in that case so we can plan)..

More details on the event here:


2014-06-03: We tried the water sump pump yesterday in field to move the stagnant water away.. It worked great. But we didn't have enough power to run the pump to take the entire water away.. Researching on cheaper gas backup option.. 

If any of you have expertise on that area and know some options around it, please let us know..

Thanks Munish, Sandeep(Manish Boss), Sid, Azad for initiating this effort yeserday.. 

Here are some pictures: 

Kids Cricket Camp 2014 - Save the date - June 7 2014 - 10:30 AM

Please pass on the news about June 7 - Kid's cricket camp to your community and don't forget to register your kids for a fun event..

2014-05-21: If you are a new captain to GBCL or you haven't entered scores in cricclubs site before, this document could be handy for you..

Thanks to Sidharth Ghai for putting a nice help document !

2014-05-14: Hi Guys,

We are waiting on few commitments from appleton cricket community in terms of games in appleton grounds to make games more organized. Depends on how it goes, location of the game may change for those matches that are currently scheduled to play in appleton. Will keep you guys posted. 


2014-05-12: Guys, 

GBCL Notification is out to all registered team captains.. For more details on schedule/rules etc, please check

Registration & Tournament fee due by 05/17. 

Also, some teams are short of players and looking for players.. Please post in comment or in "contact us" if you are available and interested to join a team.

2014-05-06: Guys, 

I know you all have been waiting for the GBCL notification. We are targeting to publish the details by end of this week. Stay tuned!


Thanks for all the teams who have registered as well as volunteers..  We have officially closed the team registration for GBCA. We so far received 9 teams listed below:

Team (Captain)
Royals (Sahil Banger)
Chargers(Pawan Kirtikar)
Panthers(Deepak Ahuja)
Warriors11(Sridhar Subramaniam)
Avengers(Rajesh Moola)
Super Kings (Sidharth Ghai)
Patel11 (Chetan Patel)
Damagers(Rajan Patel)

We are working on finalizing the format and schedule of the league and will keep you posted. Please get ready with players list to register upon publishing the format!

2014-04-25: Last Day to register !!

Guys, today is the last day adult team registration for GBCA. Please signup if you haven't done already and don't forget to encourage signup your players to be part of our volunteering initiatives!

Volunteers !! Volunteers !! Volunteers !!

Got registration for 9 teams so far.. While happy to see number of teams growing, it is discouraging to see not even 9 members signed up for volunteering.. 

It is difficult to proceed with conducting such a big league without enough volunteers (minimum of 10). We will wait till friday to see how many volunteers turn up and decide whether to proceed with adult league this year. 

To register as volunteer, please fill in this form..

2014-04-21: Guys, 

Reminder to register team for a adult cricket league. Registration ends on friday - April 25th.

Thanks for volunteers registered so far. Without volunteers we cannot proceed with this league. We are looking for atleast 5 more volunteers to get started on the league.  Please encourage your team members to register for volunteers.. 


2014-04-09: 2014 season announcement and team registration timelines for GBCL are published on website now.. Please review and let us know of any questions by commenting on the website or here or by sending an email to

Photos here..

Thank you all who showed up yesterday evening to the ground for helping with watering, rolling the pitch, marking boundaries, laying and nailing the carpet.

The pitch is not 100% ready to play yet as the crusher dust(crushed gravel) is still not firmed up hard yet. The pitch and the ground looks great and it will be really nice field for us (for sure right away next season, if not this season).

Regional matches for this week will continued to be played at Southwest De Pere Park a.k.a SDP. 

Thanks again for making this happen. We may have to gather as group again for ground again later next week or a week after to view the status of the ground and further work on it!

2013-09-26: We are still stuck at 11.. 11 is good for a game.. not for need 4 more guys.. 

2013-09-26: 11 so far ............ 4 to go..   

2013-09-26: Still 8 only..  :(   This is not good.. I thought you guys would be excited about a dedicated ground ... What's going on.. Please respond soon!!  -Sridhar

2013-09-26: We have got 8 so far - still need 7 more.. respond soon.. otherwise expect more notifications in your mail box... -Sridhar

2013-09-26: We got 5 volunteers so far.. we need 10 more... Please send me a note so we can plan asap. . Thanks -Sridhar

Volunteers needed for Today
Thursday Evening(09/26) at Chappel Elementary School, Green Bay, WI at 5:30 PM

We just got news from the Parks Dept that the work at the CHELS (CHappel ELementary School) is going to be done by today.

Looking for some help laying the carpet for the pitch. Stretching and laying carpet is complex task and looking for atleast 10 to 15 volunteers to get this done fast and right. 

Please do not ignore this as just another request. This is task that requires man power and your presence would be a great help.

Send me a note if any of you can make it..


2013-09-04: Volunteers needed for thursday evening(09/05) 

Guys, Great news - We have got a new ground - a full cricket ground - no trees - no fences .. Allowed to put a nice pitch.. 

All we need is to visit the ground, put markers for a pitch so workers would start making a pitch for us.. Looking for 5 to 6 volunteers to take measurements for pitch and put markers etc..

Anyone who has experience or has suggestions on marking pitch, width etc, please feel free to send me a note. This is your opportunity to shape up the ground you would be playing up coming years.. Don't miss it..

Please send me a note if any of you can make it tomorrow 6:00 PM at Chappel Elementary School, Green Bay 


Those who would like to predictions, check this.. there are better ways to do with real identity


2013-09-03: Regional Tournament Player Registration Link !

2013-09-03: Regional Tournament Update: (Looking for more players)

Thanks guys for registering for Regional Tournament. We had more than 30 registrations to start with. We formed two teams so far & communicated to players in that teams as well. We have an opportunity to form the third team this year, but don't have enough registrations. 

In case if you are interested to play and didn't register assuming that there will be only two teams, please register in the link below and we will add you to the third team. 



Finally with 2 big tournaments this year, we said a final good bye to Beaver Dam park. The field has been an exceptional cricketing place, thanks to all the efforts put in by GBCA. As communicated yesterday, GBCA is talking to different parks to find us a permanent spot, hopefully we will have a field next year which will be entitled only to "GREEN BAY CRICKET ASSOCIATION".

The questions came up on, if people wanted to play, where do they play, the simple answer is, since the practice/ friendly matches will be played only on weekends, people could play at Appleton or ASC or SDP or any place which keeps us safe and noble. Just pick your spot and play. Remember this is our way of staying healthy, so enjoy the remaining summer as much as you can. Thanks again for playing under organized umbrella.

See you all next year -- LMI Committee

2013-08-29: Guys, extending one more day for registering for regional tournament.. I will lock down the registration URL end of day today and will start forming the team based on registrations. 

We have few updates too: First game for regional league starts at September 8th in Madison between Green Bay teams and Madison teams. Depends on number of registrations by end of day today, we will either form two teams or three teams from Green Bay. 


2013-08-28: Last day at Beaver Dam Park!!! 

Please Join us in saying a final good bye to Beaver Dam Park on 8/29 at 5:30 PM while you observe one of the greatest battles of 2013 cricket season. 
Yes, Warriors and Centurion will fight hard in scorching heat to engrave their names as LMI 2013 champions. 

Chan Pakiya!! Chan Pakyia!! Chat ke upar Badal!!
Khoob maze lenge hum tum Jab chat jayenege baadal!!

Aage ka haal janne ke liye join karenge "HUM LOG"!!!

Good Luck Teams!!

2013-08-28: Last day for registering for Regional Tournament !!

2013-08-27: LMI Finals
The final match could not start as heavy down pour washed the night. We are working on new dates, will update, stay tuned





Now no rain in forecast. Please join us for the game tonight followed by award ceremony.



-- LMI Committee 


The finals for LMI might be pushed to tomorrow, stay tuned


With the end of the GB Cricketing season involving all of the GB teams just a few minutes away, we from the LMI Organizing committee are overwhelmed in inviting all of the cricket players and their nears & dears to watch and cheer the FINALS of LMI 2013.


6 Teams fought for a spot in the FINALS and 2 teams that had the best of their days, are into it.. The defending champs Warriors XI taking on a tough challenge in Centurions XI, the table toppers of the LMI 2013.


Join us on 08/27, by 5.30 PM to cheer the teams that gear up for the BIG FINALS! The big game would be followed by Award Ceremony. All are welcome.


 - LMI Organizing Committee, LMI 2013

2013-08-23: Regional Tournament Player Registration Link !


!!  Regional Tournament  !!

I am sure you guys are equally excited about upcoming Regional tournament conducted by joint efforts of Green bay, Madison and Milwaukee cricket associations. As we are still working through specifics on the tournament, We are looking to take a first step to see who are interested and committed to play in this tournament. Please click on the link above to register for playing in the league. While registration doesn't guarantee a selection in the league but would give us the initial list for selection.
The league goes through entire month of september and probably first week of october and all the matches would be on weekend only. Matches will be played in Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee grounds. So expect to travel. 
Last date: Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013.

2013-08-23: May, June, July and August, finally cricket season comes to an end with LMI semi finals and finals scheduled to play on Sunday and Tuesday. Congratulations to Centurion for making through to Finals, now the watch is who will fight them, will it be GBSK  or will it be Warriors,  

Please join us to watch the battles as per below schedule

Warriors Vs GBSK -- 11 AM Sunday BDP

Centurion Vs TBD - 5:30 PM Tuesday BDP

Also I am sure there are many great players from all teams who are looking forward for Regional League. Stay tuned as the league kicks in shortly!!! Good Luck


2013-08-15: Hey Guys, Wish you a happy independence day !  Just wondering if we can play a independence day game today to remember and remind ourselve on importance of this day. 

Call me stupid, but I just thought of this only today morning.. So wanted to quickly see how many are available to play a game today. If we get 22 registrations, we will split up the team and play.. 

Match is on Aug 15th, 5:30 PM in Beaver Dam Park. Please take time to register in below link by 2:00 PM. We will celebrate independence day with some chocolates (old school) and a good friendly game..


All that starts well, ends well... goes the old saying!

Yes, for a game loved, watched and played by zillions around the globe, the tribute rendered by a small group of committed players falls nothing short of zest and zeal! Having started the current season well with GBCL 2013, we are now into the concluding phase of GB Cricket season with the much coveted LMI 2013 (albeit we have the Regionals around the corner).

All that we have carried over for the past month or even longer, gets a nicer face lift. All the same - the game, the rules, the players.. New are the few talents raring to rise to the occasion and fire up, and the race to a new championship - the champions of LMI 2013.


6 teams competing with no team(s) ready to show mercy on the other..
11 players on each side, to play on the minds and binds of their opponents..
2 grounds to bear the heats and beats of the teams..
2 unbiased umpires for each of the games to tell which wins the fame..
Numbers crumble when the members jumble..

Here we go.. A few hours to the start of LMI 2013!!

All the best teams!

 - LMI Working Committee


6 teams competing with no team(s) ready to show mercy on the other..
11 players on each side, to play on the minds and binds of their opponents..
2 grounds to bear the heats and beats of the teams..
2 unbiased umpires for each of the games to tell which wins the fame..
Numbers crumble when the members jumble..

Here we go.. A few hours to the start of LMI 2013!!

All the best teams!

 - LMI Working Committee


6 teams competing with no team(s) ready to show mercy on the other..
11 players on each side, to play on the minds and binds of their opponents..
2 grounds to bear the heats and beats of the teams..
2 unbiased umpires for each of the games to tell which wins the fame..
Numbers crumble when the members jumble..

Here we go.. A few hours to the start of LMI 2013!!

All the best teams!

 - LMI Working Committee

Thanks to all teams for participation in GBCL 2013. I hope every team enjoyed playing this league. Every team played to their fullest irrespective of several obstacles like bad weather, player unavailability etc. We appreciate everyone accomodating to the drastic schedule changes this season..

As always, there is always a learning every year and GBCL as you know always look for ways to learn and improve. Please take few minutes to take this anonymous survey and let us help improve..

See you guys in next league !

I would like to take a moment and thank Afsal, Aravind and all the umpires in Umpiring panel for conducting the games unbiased and with fair play! Without you guys, this league wouldn't have been this successful!

Thanks to all volunteers of GBCL who worked hard to make this league a grand success! 

I would like to extend my thanks to GBCA Core members Azad, Osaid, Vishal and Shajahan for their support all the way throughout the league!

Congrats Ranjan (Super Kings) for winning the Umpire of the Season award !

Congrats Warriors 11 for winning most reputed "Fair play award"

Congrats Pankaj (Avengers) and Prabhu (Centurion 11) for the Man of the series award ! 

Congrats to all Man of the match and Star of the league award!

2013-07-31: Wow ! What a final !!  Terrific cricket by Warriors and Avengers.. Amazing energy on the field by both teams.. Both team had a chance until the last three overs.. Audience loved watching the game.. Atlast Avengers had to give up championship to Warriors all round performance. Catches win matches - It's absolutely true for this final. People who watched the game wouldn't forget Deepak and Deb's amazing catches of crucial wickets. Crucial run outs, shots out of the boundaries, silly singles - everything was there in the game. It was a perfect final !

Thanks Warriors and Avengers for showing a wonderful game of cricket to the community and ~Congrats GBCL 2013 Champions Warriors 11~

2013-07-29: Final between Warriors 11 vs Avengers is Scheduled for Tue, Jul 30 at Beaver Dam Park at 5:45 PM. See you guys there..

Once again Good luck teams!!

Final match is called off due to heave Rain. Yet to decide on new date!!

Final match is called off due to heavy Rain. Yet to decide on new date!!

2013-07-26: Congrats Warriors 11 and Avengers for making it to the finals ! 

Finals are scheduled at 3:30 PM on Sunday(07/28) at Beaver Dam Park followed by Awards Ceremony at around 6:00 PM. Please take this as official invite to the award ceremony and the final match. Good Luck teams and see you in the battle of Warriors and Avengers!

2013-07-24: Congrats Warriors 11 for making it to Finals !!

2013-07-24: Please vote for Umpire of the Season award !!

2013-07-19: First playoff is between Avengers & Warriors on Sat Jun 20, 2013 at 3:00 PM in Beaver Dam Park.. Stop by encourage your favourite!

Wow!! What a league so far, we have seen teams at it peak performance and lowest performance too :-)
Congrats Avengers, Warriors, Super Kings and Centurion 11 for making it to Play offs..
Eager to see who makes it to finals! Good Luck teams!

2013-07-19: Great comeback Wolfpack !!

2013-06-10: Congrats Centurion 11 for a 4 wicket win against Patel 11. Azar was a Man of the match for taking 4 wickets giving only 7 runs in 4 overs. 

Thanks Aravind for umpiring in Appleton within a short notice. Also wanted to recognize and appreciate the opener (Mr Sreevathsan) from Centurion XI for walking off voluntarily after a caught behind appeal though the umpire adjudged it as NOT OUT, showing a good game spirit

2013-06-05: Congrats to Chargers for registering their first win against Patel 11. Chargers won by 5 wickets in the match between them and Patel 11 on Friday, May 31st in Green Bay.

 For up to date points table and schedule, visit


One more great victory for Warriors 11 which puts them on top of the board. Congrats to them on winning the match on Sunday, June 2nd against Avengers in Green Bay. Warriors 11 won by 5 wickets. Great knck by Sridhar, the Iron Man (One of the couple who can clear over the boundary). Sridhar was Man of the Match with 23 runs of 19 balls with the bat. It is about time someone other than Rami Reddy is Man of the Match for Warriors :-)

For up to date points table and schedule, visit


Congrats to Avengers on winning the match against Centurion 11. Avengers won by 6 wickets in the match between them and Centurion 11 on Thursday, May 30th in Appleton. Pankaj Jagadale was Man of the Match with a Rocking performance of 44 runs in 40 balls.

For up to date points table and schedule, visit


Back to Back 3 victories for Warriors 11. Congrats to them on winning the match on Wednesday, May 29th against GBSK in Green Bay. Warriors 11 won by 3 wickets. Though it was low scoring by GBSK, they fought hard to defend till 14 overs and took 7 wickets. Ramireddy was Man of the Match with 10 runs with the bat and 2/6 in 4 overs. Great bowling by Rami, the Green Bay Malinga!!!! 

 For up to date points table and schedule, visit


Congrats to Warriors 11 on winning the match against Patel 11. Warriors 11 won by 2 runs in the match between them and Patel 11 on Thursday, May 23rd in Green Bay. Ramireddy was Man of the Match with 11 runs with the bat and 2/13 in 4 overs.

 For up to date points table and schedule, visit




Avengers won by 5 wickets in the match between them and Patel 11 on Tuesday, May 21st in Appleton. Congrats to Avengers on winning the match against Patel 11. Kamran Ismail a.k.a Chris Gayle was Man of the Match with an awesome knock of 31 runs in 16 balls.



Congrats to Warriors 11 on winning the match against Chargers. Warriors 11 won by 13 runs in the match between them and Chargers on Saturday, May 18th in Green Bay. Deb Das was Man of the Match with the 4/15 in 3.4 overs.

Centurion 11 won by 6 runs in the first match of GBCL 2013 between them and GBSK on Saturday, May 18th in Appleton. Congrats to Centurion 11 on winning the match against GBSK. Shafiq Ahmad was Man of the Match with the crucial late knock of 29 runs.


2013 Season Kicked Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our 2013 season has been kicked off on 5/18/13 with the first match played between GBSK and Centurion 11 in Appleton and the second match was played between Warriors 11 and Chargers in Green Bay.

 Good Luck to all participating teams!!!!!


2012-05-20: Finals were played on 5/20/2012 at Quarry Park. Thank God the weather stayed on us!!!

Bohicas won the match and are declared champions. Pankaj exploded in all directions and thrashed a wonderful 50.

Good Match 

Thanks everyone, please rejoin us for GBCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


GB HCL vs Final Call match was played at Quarry Park, Green Bay on 5/5/12 at 2:00 PM. Final Call won the match by 8 wickets. Congratulations Final Call.

Man of the Match was Shajahan (Captain) of Final Call. 


Bohicas vs SSI Thrivers match was played at Appleton on 5/5/12 at 2:30 PM. Bohicas won the match by 9 runs. Congratulations Bohicas.

Man of the Match was Shumair from Bohicas. 


Warriors vs Final Call match was played at Quarry Park, Green Bay on 4/30/12 at 2:00 PM. Final Call won the match by 47 runs. Congratulations Final Call.

Man of the Match was Shravan of Final Call.