Article - Hawks crowned with GBCL 2014 championship
Hawks crowned with GBCL 2014 championship
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As was the case throughout the tournament, the play offs and finals provided the perfect finish to what has been an outstanding tournament. What an incredible fight these two finalists have provided. It all started with Panthers winning the group match in the last over and tying the next one before beating them in the semi-final again in a last over finish. But, hawks by virtue of their consistency, got the second shot for the final and able to make most out of it, by winning the other semi-final. On the day when it mattered the most, they were able to hold their nerves and register the thumping win against Panthers to lift the trophy.

Put into bat by the opposition, Hawks openers played responsibly and laid the solid foundation that gave the perfect platform for the other batsmen to play around and tickle the scoreboard. Even though Deepak was able to peg back at regular intervals, Hawks has ensured that they have enough runs on the board. In a tournament that is dominated mostly by bowlers, 108 runs in a final game has proved to be more than defendable for the hawks. Panthers openers too started the innings responsibly and gave a good foundation and they looked like they are in the right direction for registering their 3rd win against hawks this season. But, all changed when Ravi is introduced into the attack. He has removed the Panthers top order in quick succession and there by denting the chase substancially. Osaid from the other end able to do a similar damage and with their sharp fielding, the complexion of the second half of the match has changed dramatically and Hawks delivered their first win against Panthers this season, but it has come in the ultimate final. Heartly congratulations to Hawks for their consistent performance throughout the tournament. Panthers too deserve a big round of applause for providing such an entertainment in this edition of the tournment.

Before this final, we had some memorable matches in the league. Some of the notable performances include - Superkings 81 runs victory against Damagers, 5-wicket haul by Ganesh Sharma against chargers, 9 wicket victory by Panthers against Damagers, Nail biting match between superkings and Warriors, Hawks victory against superkings within 19 balls, Dazzling performance by Pankaj against Chargers. Last but not least, the quarter final and semi-final matches all went to the last over and created the atmost anxiety among the spectotors. We could not have a better tournament without the continued support from all teams and the dedication from the organizing team. We congratulate every team for showing the right spirit in taking the game to the next level. Good bye every one, until we meet again for another tournament.

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Rajanikant Rajanikant:  Well summarized and a balanced article. I believe we would have a minimum of two hundreds scored in our next tournament. One from an expected player and another will surprise everyone.