Article - BIG finals and Presentation ceremony
BIG finals and Presentation ceremony
Praveen Kumar Gopinath (

HEllo Everyone, this is that time of the year where we come to the end of a big season of the year. Please find below the schedule for 09/16.  Be part of it lets celebrate cricket!!!

- Intro of teams
- Umpires rolling  hands off between captains and toss 
- Gold Plate Finals *start* 12.30: 1st bowl bowled
- 3:00 pm closing ceremony starts
- Welcome of Board Reps
- Welcome Board Officials 
-  Welcome Special Guests 
-  T10 Trophies distribution
- T16 Moms distribution
- First Responders Cheque handover
- FR Cup Winners Trophy
- T16 and T10 Best bowler, Best Batsman, Most Valuable Player
- T16 Runners Trophy
- T16 Winner Trophy 

Icing on the cake!! DHUN BAND - First fusion of the Midwest special performance!!

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