Iowa Premier League

Iowa Premier League Details

League Name: Iowa Premier League
Address: Wilson Park
West Des Moines,Iowa
United States - 50266
Current Series:  2020 - Summer T16 COVID Tournament
About Club:
Iowa Premier League (IPL) located in West Des Moines was formed with a vision to promote game of Cricket in the community and an objective to play passionate cricket with Hard Tennis Ball or Wilson A1228B level-5 soft compression ball with 10 overs or 14 overs or 16 overs series played in West Des Moines and Pella.
Currently league is organized and managed by IPL board comprising one representative from each participating team who has voting rights in the board decisions.
Following are the board officers having responsibilities as:
President              : Sharat Baradia , A facilitator to all parties  
Vice President       : Bhavesh Srivastav(BS), an aid to President and represent in his absence
Treasurer              : Amit Jain (AJ), responsible for finances
Secretary              : Vinay Kumar, Face of the board and supporting the smooth functioning of committee
Web Admin           : Addy (non-voting), administers the web aspects

We always thrive to welcome new team, players or skills who want to join the League.
If you are a team or an individual we are glad to get you enrolled.  

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