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Fall Season 2017 Updates
Lccl Admin 2017-10-19 0 Comments

Hello LCCL Players,We are nearing to end of Fall season and it has been our pleasure to serve as vo[...]

MGP Baseball Field Update 2017 Spring
Lccl Admin 2017-05-18 0 Comments

We are excited to announce MGP baseball field being upgraded to full pitch just like[...]

LCCL 2017 Sponsors
Lccl Admin 2017-04-15 0 Comments

Hello LCCL Players,We have quick updates on Spring season 2017, officially we kicked off our season[...]

Loudoun.Cricket 2017 Season - LCCL Update
Lccl Admin 2017-01-22 1 Comments

Welcome to 2017 LCCL Cricket Season We are excited to share few updates about this s[...]

How to Join LCCL League?
Lccl Admin 2017-01-20 0 Comments

We appreciate you taking time to read this article, this article explains how LCCL League works and[...]

LCCL Fall 2016 Championship Finals - LCCL Update
Lccl Admin 2016-11-04 0 Comments

Hello LCCL Players,In next 3 days we will see 2 great things happen, LCCL Fall Championship Winners[...]

Glimpse of LCCL Spring 2016 Championship Finals
Lccl Admin 2016-07-25 0 Comments

If you were glued to TV watching India win against WI or England whip Pakistan team then you missed[...]

Fall 2016 Website Updates - Loudoun.Cricket
Lccl Admin 2016-07-14 0 Comments

It's been great Spring season with few weather hiccups and we are now heading into our Fall sea[...]

LoudounNow News Article on Cricket Growth in Loudoun County
Lccl Admin 2016-06-04 0 Comments

Loudoun’s Cricket Boom Highlights Field Shortage  2016-06-04 LoudounNow  [...]

LCCL Scoring Stats - How to Calculate Points?
Lccl Admin 2016-04-15 0 Comments

LCCL Scoring stats is listed below please read and understand scoring.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT SCO[...]

Welcome Newsletter - Spring 2016
Lccl Admin 2016-04-15 0 Comments

Welcome to Loudoun.Cricket our new website hosted by CricClubs and we are excited to get you a[...]

LCCL Sponsorship Program
Lccl Admin 2016-03-20 0 Comments

WELCOME Loudoun County Cricket League (LCCL) is the largest cricket  club in the state of Vir[...]

FAQ: How to Merge Multiple Players Profile?
Lccl Admin 2016-03-10 0 Comments

How to Merge Multiple Players Profile in LCCL?  You might have played in many leagues or acci[...]

Team Management - Update team, Add Player and Manage
Lccl Admin 2016-03-09 0 Comments

For 􀀃Captains/Vice-Captains Captains/Vice-Captains will have extra privilege pertaining t[...]

Registration to New LCCL Website - FAQ
Lccl Admin 2016-02-26 0 Comments

Registration Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Welcome to LCCL new website, we are excited to introd[...]

Lccl Admin 2015-07-01 0 Comments

Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services20145 Ashbrook Place, Suite 1[...]