2013 League: League   -   Nebraska CC won by 10 Wkt(s) (06/29/2013)

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Cedar Valley CC: 183/7(35.4 overs)    Nebraska CC: 187/0(19.0 overs)
Cedar Valley CC - Innings ( 35 overs maximum ) R B 4s 6s SR
Anil Gurimitkala c Gaurav P b Anish M   21 43 1 0 48.84
c Gaurav P b Anish M
Amith Kumar c Amit P b Amit P   9 14 0 1 64.29
c Amit P b Amit P
Aayush Damani c Amit P b Atik S   4 11 0 0 36.36
c Amit P b Atik S
Darshak Dodiya c Amit P b Sriram S   51 61 1 4 83.61
c Amit P b Sriram S
Alok Pandey c Cs M b Swarit A   3 6 0 0 50.00
c Cs M b Swarit A
Abhay Singh c Anish M b Sriram S   26 21 4 0 123.81
c Anish M b Sriram S
Mayannk K not out   28 37 2 0 75.68
not out
Pradeep Gore lbw b Janmejay T   0 4 0 0 0.00
lbw b Janmejay T
Shrikant Patil not out   3 17 0 0 17.65
not out
Extras (b 0 lb 0 w 38 nb 0 )   38  
(b 0 lb 0 w 38 nb 0 )
Total (7 wickets;35.4 overs)   183  
(7 wickets;35.4 overs)

Did not bat:

Fall Of Wickets:

Bowling O M R W Econ    
Janmejay Tanwar 7.0 0 24 1 3.43   (4w)
Atik Sheikh 7.0 0 31 1 4.43   (4w)
Amit Phatak 5.0 0 31 1 6.20   (5w)
Anish Matthew 5.0 0 22 1 4.40   (5w)
Phillip Blake 2.0 0 17 0 8.50   (5w)
Swarit Agarwal 3.0 0 28 1 9.33   (5w)
Avdhoot Paranjape 3.0 0 18 0 6.00   (5w)
Sriram Surapaneni 3.0 0 12 2 4.00   (5w)

Nebraska CC - Innings (target: 184 runs from 35 overs) R B 4s 6s SR
Rajneesh Bhatti not out   60 53 3 2 113.21
not out
Phillip Blake not out   100 61 7 5 163.93
not out
Extras (b 0 lb 0 w 27 nb 0 )   27  
(b 0 lb 0 w 27 nb 0 )
Total (0 wickets;19.0 overs)   187  
(0 wickets;19.0 overs)

Did not bat: Sriram Surapaneni, Gaurav Patil, Amit Phatak, Mohit Bharadwaj, Avdhoot Paranjape, Cs Manish, Atik Sheikh, Anish Matthew, Swarit Agarwal, Janmejay Tanwar

Fall Of Wickets:

Bowling O M R W Econ    
Anil Gurimitkala 5.0 0 53 0 10.60   (5w)
Aayush Damani 3.0 0 22 0 7.33   (4w)
Mayannk K 2.0 0 29 0 14.50   (4w)
Amith Kumar 6.0 0 41 0 6.83   (4w)
Alok Pandey 1.0 0 12 0 12.00   (5w)
Abhay Singh 2.0 0 30 0 15.00   (5w)

Match Details
Series: 2013 League
Match Date: 06/29/2013
Toss: Cedar Valley CC won the toss and elected to bat
Man of the Match: Phillip Blake
Location: Hefflinger Park - Omaha
Points Earned: Cedar Valley CC:0, Nebraska CC:2
Last Updated: Patrick Glouster (03/02/2017 15:54:00)
Match Documents:
Waterloo Warriors traveled to Omaha to play NCC on a picture postcard-perfect day for cricket. Due to the distance of travel from Waterloo to Omaha, the game was reduced to a 35 over affair with the consent of both captains. WTR won the toss and elected to bat first. The NCC opening bowlers, Janmejay JJ Tanwar and Atik Sheikh, were very sharp and pacy and WTR was 27 for no loss after 6 overs with the bulk of the runs coming from extras. Amit Phatak, the captain, brought himself on and drew first blood with his first ball, snaffling a very sharp caught and bowled off his namesake batsman, moving sharply to his left. Two overs later, Ayush edged Atik Sheikh to first slip where Amit took a one-handed catch, low to his right, even as the wicket-keeper was diving across him. Darshak Dodiya batted very impressively along with Anil Gurimit Kala and steadied the ship and took the score to 66 in the 13th over, taking singles and twos and hitting the very rare bad ball to the fence. Anil's inning came to an end when he skied the ball to point where Gaurav Patil took a very good swirling catch. Alok Pandey's inning was cut short by a sharp take behind the stump off Swarit Agarwal's bowling. Abhay and Darshak then had a 60 run partnership where Darshak played in Misbah-style (dot, dot, dot, six, dot, dot, dot, six, etc.) while Abhay was more free-flowing but he took one risk too many and Anish Mathew took a very good catch running in from long-on, off Sriram Surapaneni's bowling (26 runs in 21 balls, 4 fours). Mayank continued where Abhay left off while Darshak serenely brought about his fifty before top-edging a square-cut against the off-spin of Sriram (51 runs in 61 balls, 1 four, 4 sixes). Amit Phatak hared in from short mid-off to take a skier near point. (Darshak is a batsman to watch out for with a compact technique and crisp off-side batting and we look forward to bigger scores from him in the future). Mayank ensured that WTR used all the overs farming the strike and hitting a couple of boundaries to keep the score moving along (28 not out in 37 balls, 2 fours). WTR finished at 183 for 7 in 35 overs. For NCC, the bowlers shared the spoils evenly with 5 bowlers taking a wicket and Sriram 2. Amit Phatak took 3 catches, each as good as they get. The NCC inning began (and as it turned out, ended) after Rajneesh Bhatti and Phil Blake took a few balls to settle in. Rajneesh gave a sharp chance early in his inning that was put down, forcing him to get his act together and the classy batsmen ensured that it was a costly miss with his trademark drives and flicks, that would have screamed for fours on most well-manicured grounds, turning into singles and twos. Phil Blake settled into his Gayle-esque routine, waiting for the bowler's length to err and then launching the ball into orbit when it did. As the team milestones were checked off, 25, 50, 75, 100, etc...something special was starting to build. Rajneesh did not hit a four until his 33rd ball and then hit 2 fours and 2 sixes in his remaining 19 balls as the target came within reach. Rajneesh ended up with 60 not out in 52 balls (3 fours, 2 sixes). He had the best seat in the house as Phil (finally) delivered on what he has been threatening all season. Sometimes, numbers do tell the tale: 61 balls, 21 dot balls, 7 sixes, 5 fours, 18 singles, 10 twos. NCC made 187 for no loss in 19 overs, winning by 10 wickets. Waterloo gave a good fight and must be commended for making the long trip to Omaha in spite of having only 9 players available (NCC provided two substitutes) and for putting up a fight till the end.