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2018-09-24: 2018 NTCA OPEN T-20 2 schedule has been uploaded. Teams please verify all your players are available on your roster. 

2018-07-18: Clubs,
Due to the overwhelming request from teams, EC has decided to change the start time of Legacy T20 games to 8:30am. This change will be effective starting with this weekends games(7/20/18). This is only for the morning games. The evening games will remain at 7pm start time. 

We also want to encourage the captains and the umpires to start the games on time and if teams are not present; then enforce penalties per the by-laws.

Thank you

2018-07-02: 2018 NTCA LEGACY T-20

Teams, the tournament starts this Friday, July 6, 2018. The full schedule is uploaded so please be aware of your games and umpiring assignments. Also make sure your team rosters are correct and up to date. If you have any questions, please send an email to


2018-06-18: TEAMS
PLEASE CHECK CRICCLUBS FOR UPDATED SCHEDULES. 3/18 games (week 2) has been rescheduled for 6/23 weekend. Please make sure to verify your games and umpiring assignments. 

2018-05-31: The following email has been sent to all clubs/teams pco/sco...posting here just as an fyi...

  1. Registration is open as of today (May 31st 2018) and will end on Friday, June 8th 2018 at 10pm.
  2. Primary league teams(clubs) are automatically registered for Legacy T-20 at no additional cost. If you do not wish to participate, please let us know before the deadline
  3. Independent teams and additional teams of NTCA clubs can register for a fee of $350/team. Payment must be made by Friday, June 8th at 10pm. 
  4. Teams need to provide home ground availability/black out dates, etc by the deadline date as well.
  5. Tournament will follow club format meaning you may play for any of your club's teams(if more than one is entered)
  6. If you are on a T20 roster that is not your primary league club then you have to decide which one you will play for in Legacy T20.
  7. Anyone wanting to play for a team and you are not already on that teams roster, then you must do a transfer(please see transfer process on ntca website). Deadline to transfer is Tuesday, July 3rd at 10pm.
  8. Tournamet will have both night and day time games. Night games will be Friday or Saturday. Day games will be Saturday or Sunday.
  9. Tournament format and number of games will be based on number of teams registered.
  10. Tournament will begin on Friday, July 6. 
  11. Schedule will be published no later than Friday, June 29th.
  • Club PCO/SCO, please send an email to if your club will not have the same number of teams as you have in Primary league(40overs). Also send us an email if  you are adding any additional teams
  • Independent teams, please send us an email if you would like to register for the tournament before the deadline. Registration is only valid if payment is made as well. There will be no refunds if a team decides to withdraw after the deadline.
  • Players- please complete the transfer process form and send to us before transfer deadline if you wish to transfer.
click on below link for the transfer process
Payment details for team registration and player transfer fees.

Chase Account Number – 1568855512

Routing Number – 111000614

Chase epay ID –

Thank you

2018-04-30: STILL NEED A FEW MORE!!!!!

If any NTCA certified umpires are interested in umpiring for the Bhakta Tournament during memorial day weekend, please send an email to for more info. The tournament will be from Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash (up to $150/day). We still have a few more slots left to fill so please email us asap.

thank you

2018-04-19: See below message from NTCA President Lovkesh Khalia that has been sent to all clubs....please follow up with your club pco/sco to make sure you are registered and also your club.

Dear Club Members:

 Hope this email finds you all in the middle of a great season. We recently communicated and requested your attention to completing membership registration with USA Cricket. It is extremely important that you as clubs/individual members complete your registration process ASAP. As of yesterday, the response has not been great, please see below for details. I would like to emphasize the need for us to complete this task ASAP as this could affect us in several ways (Please see below) and hence portraying our league in a negative light.

It is our sincere request that you please initiate the following 2 steps ASAP:
  • For a league to be recognized by ICC, we need a minimum 3 clubs with 12 players in each club registered with the association. Based on that criteria, we do NOT qualify as a league as of today.
  • We could lose our opportunity of getting insurance coverage, please see note below from USA cricket regarding insurance.
  • Not being a registered League/Club/Player will:
    • Eliminate our ability to participate in regional/National tournaments
    • Our players will no longer be eligible to be selected for junior/senior teams
    • As a league, we will not have a say in USA cricket administration plans/issues.
  1. Register your club if you have not done so already. The link is as follows:
    1. Please note that you first need to register as a member before you can register a club.
  2. Have the players in your club register to your club. The link is as follows:
    1. Please pick your club and NOT the team within your club to register. Although a club may have 5 teams, all players need to register as a single club.

Last date for registration: April 24th

For any help or assistance, please contact: Syed Shahanawaz (


Insurance Info, note below from USA Cricket:

Individuals are covered by a Secondary Sports Accident policy that carries a limit of $25,000 per incident with a $500 deductible. I’ve heard the deductible is much cheaper than those policies that are in place with the few leagues that offer this coverage.


-For the General Liability policy, $1,000,000 of coverage with certs of liability, including for additional insureds, issued electronically.


One caveat to the above is that we are billed for both policies on a per member charge. In order for USA Cricket to issue a Cert of Liability that covers the whole League, we need most, if not all, of the League players to join USA Cricket. For example, I can’t in good faith issue a cert of liability for a League that I know has 100 teams and 1200 players if they only have 3 clubs and 36 players registered with USA Cricket. In that scenario, the cert of liability would cover the risk associated with 100 teams and 1200 players while the premium paid would cover 3 teams and 36 players. Not only is that unethical but it would likely be considered insurance fraud as well given that the premium paid doesn’t align with the risk accepted.


Please do look into this request as urgent, appreciate your help in completing this ASAP.

Note: Attached spreadsheet with information regarding clubs/members who have already registered.







Open T-20 1 schedule.

We have made numerous changes to the schedule for 4/27,4/28,and 4/29 for Open T-20 1. Please review the latest schedule in cricclubs for the updates. Teams make sure to review your games, umpirings and start times to see if these changes affect your game.

2018-04-10: If you are a NTCA certified umpire and are available for Thursday, May 24- Sunday, May 28 (memorial day weekend), then please send an email to  We are looking for about 25-30 umpires for that weekend for the national Bhakta tournament.  Please put "BHAKTA TOURNAMENT" in the subject line of the email and we will provide further details.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to make several hundred dollars over a weekend.


If you are a NTCA certified umpire and are available for Thursday, May 24- Sunday, May 28 (memorial day weekend), then please send an email to  We are looking for about 25-30 umpires for that weekend for the national Bhakta tournament.  Please put "BHAKTA TOURNAMENT" in the subject line of the email and we will provide further details.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to make several hundred dollars over a weekend.

thank you