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Message from NTCA President Lovkesh Khalia....

Hi guys

Hope everyone is doing well. As you know DPL starting today(Wednesday 9/20/17) at Sandy Lake ground in Carrollton.  We have 8 teams that are super stacked with local and international players.  I would like to invite and request your presence at the field to support this tournament, teams and our player. I can promise you will see some really competitive and entertaining cricket this dpl.  Teams are spending a lot of money to bring the best to Dallas. So we must do our part by showing up at field to support your team and NTCA.

Game start at sharp 7:00pm but we have a ceremony at 6:00pm.  We have invited few local community cricket lovers at ceremony. Let's show them how NTCA brings the beat in DFW.




DPL 2017 is less than 2 days away....check out the website for all the detials....


DPL 2017

It gives us great pleasure to announce that NTCA is preparing to host it's premier T-20 tournament again. The tournament details will be sent out in a later email once all the logistics are ironed out.

For now, the only information we can provide is that the tournament will start on the last week of September and will be played through  end of October. Games will be played on  2 weekdays and a Saturday each week.

If anyone is interested in putting up a team, please contact Mr. Lovkesh Kalia as soon as possible as there are limited number of team slots available.

An excel sheet has been emailed to all clubs pco/sco, which you should fill out with the availability of players from your club who wish to be included in the DPL Player Draft. Please make sure to fill in all the columns as this will make it easy for the Team Owners to be informed about the Players.

I request you to collect all the player availability information for your club and send THE FINAL VERSION by 25th August 2017 to

Dallas Premier League


September 2017-October 2017..
stay tuned for more detials



I hope everyone is excited as the EC are about the start of the 2017 Legacy T20 tournament. This by far is the biggest NTCA tournament ever and probably in Texas. We have 51 teams that will be battling it out for the top 16 spots to be part of the Champions knock out stage. The next 16 will have the opportunity to be part of the Super knock out stage. We are looking forward to 11 weeks of exciting, competitive and nail biting finishes to see who comes out on top. On behalf of EC and all NTCA committees, we wish all teams the best of luck and enjoyable cricket.

Few last minute reminders:

Check your rosters on cricclubs and make sure all your players are listed there. This is especially important for individual teams. For clubs, even if the player is not listed under your particular team, as long as they are part of any of the clubs teams, then they can play for any of the clubs teams.

I know there has been numerous transfer requests and we have tried our best to keep up with all of them but if you see that your request has not been processed yet, please let us know asap.

The deadline for transfers is over so current NTCA players cannot change teams anymore. All clubs and individual teams can still add players to their roster at anytime as long as they are new members to NTCA. (i.e. if someone wants to bring Sachin/ Virat/Gayle/etc to play for them in the playoffs, by all means go right ahead:))

Any concerns, issues, inquiries must go through the OC so be sure to email them at and they will handle as needed.

Thank you

2016-11-10: Invitation for Nomination of the Executive Committee, North Texas Cricket Association

On behalf of the Election Committee, appointed under the stipulations of Article 11.1 of the Constitution of the North Texas Cricket Association (henceforth NTCA), we invite nominations for election to the following Offices: 

General Secretary 
Joint Secretary 

The above positions shall be elected in the General Elections, the concluding item on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, to be held on Saturday December 3rd, 2016.  

AGM Location to be announced by the NTCA EC.


Nominations must be filed on the Candidate Nomination Form, provided for this purpose, by the Election Committee.

All nominations must be proposed by a Full Member and be seconded by another Full Member who must not have proposed or seconded another person, for the same position.

The deadline for receiving nominations is November 16th, 2016 by 11:59 PM.CST.


The candidate should complete the Candidate Nomination Form which is downloaded from (From Home Page, select tab League, select Documents, select 2016 NTCA Candidate Nomination Form).

The form should be completed in its entirety by the candidate and emailed to the Election Committee at  Sending the form from the candidates email account will satisfy "electronically signed" requirement.

Both the Proposer and Seconder of the candidate must email the Election Committee at to confirm their support of the candidate's nomination, stating the name of the candidate and the Office for which the candidate is nominated.


The information provided on the form (email and telephone numbers) will be used by the Election Committee to validate the nomination.


The Election Committee shall verify the validity of each nomination in light of the constitution. Validation is conducted for Full Membership, Good Standing and conformity with other stipulations of the constitution. For a complete description refer to Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.

The final nominations shall be posted on on November 16th, 2016.


The Election Committee shall handle and supervise the entire election process as described in Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.

Voting Procedures

Voting shall take place at the NTCA Annual General Meeting on Saturday December 3rd  2016

The names of the candidates will be announced in the AGM.

Voting shall be by Secret Ballot of the members present.

No proxy for an absent member shall be permitted.

Tied voting is covered under Article 11.7 of the NTCA Constitution.

For a complete description of the Electoral Process, refer to Article 11 of the NTCA Constitution.


NTCA 2016 Election Committee
Naveen Peiris, Anwer Shahabuddin and Aziz Savul


                           big n best!

Dallas T20 - Labor day weekend!

                          Stay Tuned


Seema Mehta Law Firm - Dallas T20
(Memorial day tournament - May 28,29,30 - 2016 Russell Creek Park Plano)

BIS Lions, Punjab Lions, Dallas Royals and Smart Choice Houston were combined winners of the Seema Mehta Law Firm - Dallas T20 tournament.
Semifinals were washed out on 5/30 due to execess rain and as per tournament rule, the four semi-finalists shared the Prize money and trophy!

NTCA tournament committee!


Central US Premier League

NTCA defeated Arkansas Cricket league by 8 wickets to win the first ever Central US Premier League. NTCA remained undeated in the tournament played in Russell Creek Park, Plano during May 22 and 23 - 2016!


Welcome to North Texas Cricket Association - America's best cricket league!

Currenly we are upgrating to Please stay tuned for more updates in this site.
NTCA Executive Committee appreciates your patience!

General Secretary!

2016-05-06: Hello Shahnawaz,

We are delighted to hear your appointment to the USA Cricket National Advisory Group. Certainly your willingness to volunteer your time and effort, as well as express your opinions, has contributed to your being selected for the post. We wish you all the best as you represent us.
On behalf of NTCA Players and Committees
articipation Performance Fan & Market Development Sustainable Foundation
Brian Walters Usman Shuja Masood Yunus Jim Isch
Michael Voss Aditya Mishra Venu Palaparthi Vince Adams
Malika Frank Sushil Nadkarni John Aaron Jagan Jaganathan
Jamie Harrison Ricardo Powell Lorna Austin Gordon Alfonso
Rizwan Mohammed Mir Ali Kevin Hussain Patricia Whittaker
Priya Singh Dean Riddle   Shiraz Najam
Kinjal Buch Julie Abbott   Syed Shah
Jamie Lloyd     Priyantha Liyanage
Ajay Jhamb     Donna Bowes
Shelton Glasgow     Dr Linden Dodson

2016-03-23: Teams
Please pick up 7 red balls per primary league team and 4 white balls for T20 teams from AA sports in Plano.

Starting today, evening 6-8 PM.
For other, please call and schedule pick up.

AA Sports 
3917 Bexhill Dr, Plano, TX 75025 
(214) 533-3172 

Executive Committee

2016-03-23: PCO/SCO distribution list has been uploaded under League>Documents 

2016-03-22: Protection Players 2016 has been uploaded under League->Documents

2016-03-22: By-Laws March 2016 has been uploaded under League->Documents. 

2016-03-08: Primay League and NTCA T20 balls:
Due to delayed shipment, one red ball per team is allotted for week 1. Please collect the balls from EICA (Primary league, 40 over teams) and white ball from AA sports, Plano from today onwards.
Bulk distribution will be done next week.


2016-03-07: NTCA 2016 season:

Dear all,

The NTCA 2016 season starts 3/12/2016. Wish you all good luck and safe 2016.


2016-01-19: 2016 registration is now open

T20 Tournament:

1. Registration Fees:
  a. Team with home ground: $250
  b. Team with no home ground: $300
2. Registration Deadline: Feb 13, (Saturday) 2016 18.00 hrs. CST
   a. Registration will be confirmed only after the receipt of the fees
3. Prize Money:
    a. Winner: $1000
    b. Runner up: $500
    c. Semi Finalist: $250 each
4. Umpiring Fees: No umpiring fees. Teams will honor umpiring duties as usual.
5. Clothing: This tournament will be played in colored clothing and white balls
6. Protection Rules: Will not apply for T20 Tournament
7. Tournament Rules: Will follow NTCA T20 Tournament
8. Majorly a Saturday only league

Primary League(Premier, A,B):
1. Registration Fees:
   a. Team with home ground: $950
   b. Team with no home ground: $950 + $750 (Neutral Ground Fees)= $1700
2. Registration Deadline: Feb 13, (Saturday) 2016 18.00 hrs. CST
   a. Registration will be confirmed only after the receipt of the fees
3. Prize Money:
   a. 1st place: $2000
   b. 2nd place: $1000
   c. 3rd place : $500
4. Umpiring Fees: No change. Payment per NTCA By-Laws
5. Clothing: Whites with red balls
6. Protection Rules: Will apply for Primary League(Please refer attached)
7. Tournament Rules: NTCA By-Laws
8. Premier & A division games on Sunday; B division games on Saturday and/or Sunday

Fees Structure:



Teams with home ground

Teams with no home ground

40 only

Primary League (P,A,B)


(Neutral Ground Fees: $750)


T20 only

T20 Tournament -1



T20 Tournament -II






40 & T20

Primary+ T20 Tounament-1



Primary+ T20 Tounament-2



Primary+ NTCA T20



Please feel free to email EC should you have any questions or concerns. or

Ntca EC